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May Division A 50yd Targets

For Division A 50yd rimfire targets.


Div. A 50yd rimfire
Remington 341
Simmons 4X scope
CCI 40gr LRN
49 points


I’m just gonna HAVE to get to the 50 yd range soon. Good shooting.


Here is my May target.


75 yards, prone, bipod. The only way I can get 50 at this distance so far.


Scored as 50. Marlin 7000; Velocitors; Hawke 4-16.

I’d planned to shoot 100 as well but I burned up my ammo before I remembered to snug up the scope.


I found a couple 25-round mags for my Rossi RS-22 (same as the Mossberg Plinkster). I can see now why people trash them so badly. I worked on one of them for an hour until it feeds right - and more importantly LOADS right. I’d just as soon have an extended straight mag, maybe 15 or 20 rounds.

For as inexpensive as these rifles are, they do shoot well, don’t they? Yours looks nice with in silver. I need to repaint mine because I used some Action Blaster after I polished all the innards and it dulled some of the paint. Wonder if I could polish it all up purty like yours. Maybe some silver paint… LOL

I have 2 of the 25 round mags for my Mossberg 702. I have work on the extensively and they are still a little problematic. What did you do to yours to make them function if I may ask?

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Four things.

  • Took them completely apart and used files to ease the edges of the plastic where the metal mag tube sits. This by itself fixed most of the jam ups at the 14 or 15 round point because the follower would hang up just as it came out of the metal tube into the plastic.

  • Used a drill bit and manually by hand inset each witness hole so there were no raised edges for the follower to catch on.

  • Took fine steel wool and smoothed the channel the follower and finger assist slide in, and smoothed those parts too.

  • Drilled a hole in the follower so when you’ve got the 14th round in (which you can do with the finger assist) you can slide a pocket screwdriver into the follower to pull it down. You’ll never get more than 20 or so rounds in the magazine without doing that.

The “mag loader” they include is worthless - I ordered a Baby Lula. If you’ve used an UpLula, you know how easy they make a reload, and the Baby is supposed to work from .22 up to .380. Might prevent dented cases and even eliminate using a screwdriver on these 25-rounders. I hope. :slight_smile:

Took both mags to the range today and they both worked flawlessly. Reloaded both to capacity and they both worked again. They’re certainly not my favorites by a long shot because they’re a hassle to load even with the fixes but they look ‘appropriate’ with the “tactical” folding stock on my RS-22.

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Thanks. I have done 2 of the 4 you have documented. I’ll pull one apart and try the rest.

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Here are pictures of what I did.

Like I said, these mags look “appropriate”. LOL

I surprised myself and was able to load 22 rounds in before I had to use a tool to pull down the follower. The biggest problem seems to be the rims of the rounds jam together so they can’t be pushed down until the stack is straightened out. That’s why I’m hoping the Baby Lula helps - the MagLula pushes rounds down flat.


My sister invited us over to her new place for bbq today, and i threw guns in the car just in case my bro-in-law got the range started. He did, and after 3 targets getting adjusted to shooting 50yds downhill, i realized the rest of the paper targets i thought i printed, were actually blank.:unamused::expressionless::unamused:. Scores as 12.

So my first long(er) range outing, is a pretty sad failure. But was fun getting the kids and wife out slingin lead, on a sunny 70deg day.:wink::grin::sunglasses::sunglasses:
First time shes shot with me in the last 5-10 yrs

We moved her up to 25yds.:wink:


I thought I taught you guys the real secret to high scores – shoot the paper, then draw the target around it. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That is one good looking rifle. Thanks for the tips. I’ll continue my work on the mags for what it’s worth.

The Baby Lula works great on single-stack .22 mags but not on double-stacks like the TX-22. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t work on the 25-round Rossi RS-22/Mossberg Plinkster mags - the metal part of the mag is shorter than the Lula’s well.

These mags are such a PITA to load past the 14-round mark they’re really not worth the trouble. The Baby Lula makes loading the RS-22, Ruger Mark xx, SR-22, etc. 10-round mags quick and easy.