May 2022 HG2 Targets

Centerfire pistol is definitely the area I need the most work in. I shot about 50 rounds to warm up and was able to get some consistent groups, but my one and done target didn’t reflect that. Think it’s time for some instruction to figure out where my weaknesses are and to have someone more skilled than myself verify the zero on my pistols. Not being sure of the zero and having obvious technique issues kinda has me chasing my tail.


Just by looking at your 22 lr hg1 target you just posted and lookin here at your centerfire hg2 target. Looks like in my opinion on your centerfire pistol your trying to account for the added recoil before the shot. I notice same thing for myself at times. Everyone who shoots knows the 22 dont recoil like bigger calibers it dont have the added noise and so many other variables that centerfire has. So you are more relaxed and ready when shooting 22 as with the centerfire just my opinion again looks like right before the shot your pushing muzzle down trying to anticipate the added recoil and jump thats gonna come. I dont mean anything negative here just my observation of the difference between your hg1 and hg2. Maybe this will help.


Handy Dave - That is something I will work on and search out some info about correcting and see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestion and no worries about taking that in a negative way - I love that this community is always helpful.
At my last session, I was trying shooting primarily with one or the other (3-4 10 rd mags then a 5 rd test group before shooting my target) and then shooting 1 mag followed by the 5 and then switching to the other cal. Didn’t see that much of a difference. One thing that did get a better result, at least with the 22, was not taking the time to re-acquire the target and just squeezing off 5 in quick succession, but I wasn’t sure how much of that was dumb luck.


Here is my one only target, shooting the Tanfolid Gold Match in 9mm.


Here’s my May '22 HG 2 target

Glock, 34 9 mm
Vortex venom red dot
Yavex 115 gr
46 Points
Standing 12 yds


Use a sand bag to check zero. That is how I found I was flinching hard with my shield 40 converted to 9mm. Shot 40 just fine, but with 9mm i was flinching for some reason.


Just picked up a set of sandbags the other day to use with my AK & this also. I see a range day with a lot of pistol zeroing on the horizon.