May 2022 Division A Targets

That old Winchester 75 sure does a good job of putting them downrange.


Prone with a sling at 75 yards.


Early start to the workday = leave early & hit the range!


I like the wonky foam block support that made me laugh good😆 i allways used what ever was handy myself then i bought a cheap set of sandbags on amazon filled them with cat litter cause i had it onhand at the time and they work so much better for non bi pod long guns then wonky anything. I think the set i got wasnt but like 7 or 8 bucks couple years ago.


I just sprung for a set of sandbags myself - the “wonky foam block” was also a “what I had to work with” project - had some high density rubber foam laying around so I trimmed them up & glued them together to make ones similar to what the range I used to go to had. Didn’t think they were that bad at first, but now I’m seeing the shortcomings (kinda bouncy) When I was doing my warm up shots I did some with my AR from the block and then with the bipod and saw a HUGE difference in consistency.

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Here’s my may '22 Div A target

I’m going to have to step up my game on the rimfire, you guys are good.

Ruger, 10 - 22
Nikon pro staff .22 3-9 scope
Aguilar super extra 38 gr hollow point
48 Points
Bench, Sitting, front bag. 50 yds


I read 49 there, bro. 31+18=49.


I wasn’t sure of the 2 o’clock it looks like more of a tear but I’ll take the extra point. Shooting against you I need all I can get.
Very nice shooting on your target.


I’ve started sorting my .22 rounds by rim thickness, which is an indicator of headspace. It seems to make a big difference. Lately I’ve found that CCI standard velocity is very consistent. Aguila standard velocity shoots well for me too. So much of this accuracy game boils down to consistency on the part of the shooter and the ammo. Keep practicing!

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I have heard of that before but never tried it. I may try that and see what happens for me. Thanks for the tip.