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May 2021 HGD Targets - 5 yard Digital Trainer

Using a RedPoint 9mm Trainer in a Sig P365 and the LaserHIT iPhone program.


Using a G-Sight Trainer and the G-Sight program

Some observations. These targets can be difficult to score. With the G-Sight, you must fire 10 shots to get an image consolidating all of them. Hence, I took the five additional shots at the upper left of the target to get a total of ten. I am not 100%sure of one shot which I counted as a Nine and which appears below.
Finally, and per the usual frustration, @phuzzy42 had me beat before I even started.

Here is the questionable shot.



I was wondering about that myself… great idea letting the last five fly. I never competed here yet… how/when do we get the target for this competition? I want to compete next month.


This is one reason why I use the LaserHit program. The hits show up instantly and you set how many shots per round. The best feature is being able to “reload” and reset by shooting the box on the right - a piece of notepad paper in this case. You can shoot a bunch of rounds, then review each round’s score and save or email it. It also has a feature like shooting steel which is kind of neat, though I haven’t used it much. All this is in the free version - I’ll probably buy the full-feature version but I hate to since I only have a work phone and it’d be gone when I turn the phone in.

As far as scoring goes, I practice a lot and know my firearm, AND I practice a lot and enter the best score. LOL It’s a helluva lot cheaper to “shoot” a lot when the only cost is batteries. :wink: Your target looks good to me, nothing wrong with it and a good score. I wish I had a trainer cartridge for .22 so I could practice with those too. I’ve looked around a little but haven’t found one yet.


Here’s the link to the May contest info but you need to hurry - you must enter your targets by Sunday night.


Plus, if you have a flyer you can just take an extra shot at the target then send the last four at the flyer…if you thought like a lawyer and could live with yourself. :smiling_imp:


I use Gsight, and just hit the stop button after i hear 5 reports. It usually doesnt register a couple hits, so took awhile to get exactly 5.


Is LaserHit available for your phone? GSight seems to have a lot of drawbacks and/or flaws. It’s buggy if it doesn’t record every hit every time, and it should allow you to set the number of shots per round. Maybe that’s a paid feature. Can you turn off the ring around the hits? It’s obvious all your hits are 10’s but the rings cover prior hits and it’s not clear how many shots were fired.


Steve try Google play…

Check out “LaserHIT”

Let me know what you think. I have been using GSight and been too busy lately to try out my download of LaserHIT.


I use LaserHit and consider it superior to GSight which I tried a long time ago and didn’t like. I have another one called iTarget that has some nice features but I haven’t used it much. I was asking Stircrazy if he’d tried LaserHit since he said GSight wasn’t recording every shot.


@phuzzy42 Not doubting you at all but I have never had an issue with GSight not recording hits. Not that it helps you.

Question: how far do you position your phone camera from the target? I usually set it on a tripod with a phone adapter at about two to three feet and then only zoom in a click or two.

Very much agree about the ability to select the number of shots you desire. It should definitely have that.

I definitely want to compete in next’s months challenge! A quick review of that phone app would be appreciated… especially because you can do an honest comparison. :+1:


I tape the target on the wall and set up the tripod about 3’ away. I tape a smaller piece of paper to the right of the target and this becomes the “reload” spot - just “shoot” it and that round ends and it automatically starts a new one without touching the phone. A round will also end when the max shots you set are reached. The program stores a screenshot of every round.


Yes on all counts.

The rings are the most annoying part, and one of the reasons i usually use/prefer Laser hit. For some reason i got worse shot response from laser hit yesterday though. It could be that my batteries are low in the cartridge. Or i zoomed in too far with the phone and lost camera resolution.
Gsight counts the five hits clearly, the problem is there were hits that didnt count. Need to troubleshoot for June.