M*CARBO Brotherhood

May 2021 EO Targets - 25 yard Centerfire

Made it to the range today with the S2K. I believe our definition of iron sights includes any sighting system without magnification. If not, deduct two points.


Made it out yesterday, was perfect day, only a few black flies to contend with. I followed the advice of a friend to to the letter… Cant say his name you know who you are TYVM.
Did much better thanks to his excellent tips, much of what I forgot during training. Anyway SUB2K worked A1 as usual. Below the results. BTW, brought 10 targets, and had to dial in again but I now am on target. I need a ruling on the one in the 8 does it actually count as 9.
Also used an unconventional setup, need ruling if I qualify for the 2 point bonus.

Took a while to get to this point therefore cheers to all shooters…:beer:


@Moosecall I could not do that well with iron sights. Need a circle dot for my old eyes. Good shooting!


TYVM, you guys are marksmen, just trying to keep up.
This time I tried my best, I’m right behind you, my eyes are going also.
Your feedback is very much appreciated.


Thats great shootin @Moosecall ! I’d raise your 8 to a 9 for sure. Also iron sights qualify for the +2 bonus.