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Veit namies (sp). ?, French, German

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Wow, I like your range. You gave me some ideas. We are in the process of adding a canopy/roof. If you don’t mind so much, I’m presenting your photo to our committee to see what we can do. We have similar snow here and right now no enclosure makes it kind of inconvenient. I’m hoping to rectify that!


Two for four, in order: Vietnamese, Spanish, French and Dutch.


I’m guessing familiarity with this came from your diplomatic mission there back in the 70’s on behalf of the US government? :wink:


It’s a private club that’s been around for a long time, just a few miles from my house. I am fortunate to be a member. Farmington Fish and Game. I’m fine with you using the photo. Don’t forget lighting as it can be dark in there. Either sky light style (poly panels?) or electric

It’s a great club, 50 & 100 yard rifle range, cement floor decent benches and covered

7, 12, 15, & 25 yard pistol range, cement floor, decent benches and covered as well.

A 3D archery range and a stocked pond as well.

If you ever make it up to New Hampshire let me know.


One picks up bits and pieces, enough to get by.


The end of the month is approaching fast, the 26th of March is the last day to submit your targets.

Look for the first quarter YTD scores to be posted sometime next week.

Last I heard, our 100yd range is still under water and this week’s rains didn’t help. The light show and thunder were nice, longest gap was a 3 count. The biggest clap sounded like the house next door blew up. Of course, more is expected by the weekend.

Good luck and good shooting.