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Thanks for bringing all that to my attention. Definitely will double check all of those items. I thought I was trying to follow through properly but the immortal words of Yoda: “No try - Do!”

I set up a video cam today. Wanted to see my trigger discipline - will also watch for head movement.

Also, time for a more thorough cleaning. Had been running a snake with Ballistol 3 times thru. Was advised to use the traditional brush paying special attention to the chamber and a good soak in Ballistol or Hoppes and brush again. Just recently started to experience frequent fail to ejects so good cleaning seems to be in order.

Good advice very much appreciated!


You said you was using cci for the targets above. Are they plated or plain lead? I noticed you mentioned using the remington thunderbolt ammo before and i use it alot my old 22 rifle loves the cheap stuff as does my ruger wrangler. But the plain lead stuff will fill the rifling grooves quick. A good jag and brush for cleaning is deffently a must have for lead un plated bullets. I brush after every 10 15 shots. If i fire 50 rounds speacially of the thunderbolt ammo my barrels look allmost like a smooth bore the fouling gets so bad.


@HandyDave good point. My CCI Standard Velocity are not plated. For a while, I had more Remington Thunderbolts than any other brand and they work good for casual shooting (plus, they are like me - cheap!) Thunderbolts are the only supersonic ones that I have used. And I think all the others are not plated. I will pay more attention to getting the lead out. Last summer when I got back to rifles and pistols, that was the first time I discovered “bore snakes” and I thought - wow, this is great! Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child (me.)

Thanks for the tip!


The bore snakes are a great tool they just want do much for the lead fouling speacially in the 22’s. When i run jag and brush on mine after shooting awhile ill get little twisted slivers of lead from the rifling grooves. The thunderbolt ammo seems to be worse then some others but this fouling will allways happen with any unplated style lead bullets. But your targets above are showing good groups so i doubt heavy fouling is your specific problem this time. When your shots start spitting all over the paper and tumbling then fouling is probably the problem.


It always amazes me how different some opinions are. Some people just hate bore snakes. IBI (they do cool barrels) say that using bore snake voids their warranty. The reasoning is - if you have some debris on the snake and pull it out at some angle, you can ruin your crown.

I myself stopped using bore snakes, but I don’t have a strong opinion about them.

It’s also funny how people differ about cleaning their .22. A lot of folks I know think you need to shoot at least 50 rounds after cleaning to make your rifle accurate again. I don’t quite buy it - but they beat me in competitions, so I don’t quite disregard it either.

Just plain amusing.


Agree with that.

No strong opinion on bore snakes one way or the other. That said, there’s a pair in my range bag, just in case.

By now my cleaning OCD should be common knowledge. Always a subscriber to brush and patch. I go through patches, lots of patches and buy solvent in the quart jugs.


I have my first ever PRS match with centerfire next week, and while I’m somewhat proficient with the rimfire version, I have no idea what to expect this time.

So I decided to give it a go. Four rungs on my ladder plus prone - just to see how it works.

Well, shooting .308 from props is a totally different experience! I did not do well. Will be happy to get 20% hits next week.


Good Luck and keep us posted - will be rooting for you!


Tried the new pig and progressive targets proposed above.
They are kinda hard, pretty small aiming points

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Finally brought home my new CZ 457 yesterday. Murphy rode along and what should have been a quick in and out turned into an hour and a half test of patience. By luck of the draw, I got training day for the NFG. Took 3 employees to figure out the last person to log on left the caps lock on, and that’s how it went. Their supply of 22lr was rather pathetic as well, did score some Norma TAC 22 and Armscore Precision, see how it goes. Spent the afternoon yesterday cleaning and mounting the scope. Heading out tomorrow, fellow I shoot with is bringing his spotting scope and will spot for me as I get this dialed in.


Sweet lookin shooter you got there. The scope is as long as the barrel so i expect to see lots of 5 shot 1 hole targets comin up in the monthly matches :+1: I guess im gonna have start thinkin of a new scoped shooter as well or you guys match targets are gonna leave me in the dirt with my old trusty winchester model 67. Im sure one of you gents will let me borrow a gun brick to flip and see if i really need a new scoped 22 :joy:


I have a gun rock, works much the same. Toss it up and if it hits the ground…you’re welcome to use it.


Had a nice morning at the club, ran about 125 rounds thru the tube. I can say w/o hesitation or reservation, the 457 does not like the Armscore. Not even a little bit. It did so so with the Norma, not what I hoped for, but not bad I reckon. Meanwhile, I’ll keep a weather eye out for some SK Rifle Match. As things settle in accuracy with the Norma may improve. Still enjoyed myself.