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Worse actually. Laptop still at townhouse. Keyboard on tablet has a short space bar and I don’t always feel like editing out touchscren misses.


Eight days left for this months match targets. All targets must be submitted by midnight, the 31st of October 2021. Not often the last day of the month is the final day for submission.

Good luck and good shooting.



Today, October 31st, 2021 is the final day for this month’s match. All entries must be in by midnight, or the carriage returns to a pumpkin.


New month - new rifle to try!

I was out testing my new setup, and decided to have a go for the mail in match. Some results were good, some were OK, but I decided not to do any re-shoots. Might approach this differently in December though!


Back on line here…
As I previously mentioned, picked up new firearms to widen the target spectrum.

Just checking that I have the right targets for the proper range (CF, RF, air).
So I picked up the below and am just about set to go, need to change scopes first and sight in.

I had a look at the target options (the highlighted blue header above post categories). I used to select the target by CR, RF and now air. But perhaps I have missed something? Are we still using the:
Target 1: June_2021_Target.pdf - Google Drive

Target 2: X - Target.pdf - Google Drive

Target 3: TurkeyGS.pdf (joefridaysays.com)

Is there not a HG air rifle at 10yards, standing? Is that the bat?
Which do we use for the 100 yard?
I am not certain I can hit a target standing with a HG pellet pistol at 25yards.

Below is what I will be using.


Welcome back @Moosecall .

The first three targets you’ve selected are current targets. The 2nd and 3rd are optional for this month. The “bat” was last month and is no longer an official target. (I have to check my notes, but I think you’re an A lister and the 1st target on your list is no longer open to you. if you’ve shot a 50 point score three or more times, you’re an A lister.)

There is no handgun division for air guns. You can always show your target here, you may spark enough interest that a division is added.

What is your new rifle?


Hey @Festus
Picked up the hunting/target rifle I always wanted to get for a while now, not that readily available any more. When I seen it on the shelf I had to decide, both were Browning, either the BAR 338 or BAR 7mm BOSS.
So since the 7mm BAR had the BOSS system I went with it.

SAFARI 7 MM MAG BAR Mark II BOSS Semi, currently mounted for hunting with a Bushnell 3-9x40 Dusk to Dawn, of which I had the same one on my Remington semi 30-06, was very reliable and targeted extremely well at 100 yards+. But now that hunting season is over I picked up mainly for the 100 yard target entry, but still have to mount a Vortex 4-12x40 Diamond Back Tactical with a 4" sunscreen.

Ammunition are all magnum loads, I picked up for moose…
PPU PSP BT 11,3 g 174gr and Fusion 175 gr.

For deer and target I picked up Federal Fusion bonded soft point 150 gr and Winchester Super X Power-Point 150 gr and Federal Power-Shock jacketed soft point 150gr.

Also added a gently used leather Browning sling and a 13 1/2" - 23" bipod so that I can fire in a benched to sitting position.

Looking forward to getting some holes punched.

Guess I didn’t wasted my money on the air pellet pistol, I had seen several partridge within 10 yards of me while prospecting in open season I could have used.

Thanks for asking,


As ya’ll know December has a MCarbo gift certificate up for grabs. So I’ve been thinking…

there will be a special target, something new and different…

I’ll request only one (1) target be printed, shot and scored. You know, like a real match…

the divisions selected for qualifying for the award will need five (5) shooters…

do I combine a shooters total scores from all divisions shot?..

or, select the division with the most shooters and award the high shooter?..

Feel free to comment.


I say highest total score across all divisions. Add scores of individual shooters and the highest total wins. Winner would be the most consistent, well rounded shooter of pistol, rimfire (pistol and rifle), and center fire rifle.


My ex-wife is a freakin’ bitch. Thank you for letting me get that out. I feel better now.


Award the prize to a new entrant. If you have more than one first time shooter - random selection.


Id say it should be the highest total participation in a division for the year, to select which one we use.


I’m in line with @Dred, excepting that all the entrants for December go into a hat for a random draw and then build up from there. Who knows, perhaps in the future there might be several prizes, it might be good, forward thinking, to prep for a prize to be given out in each division, of course, only when multiple shooters are partaking. Example… a minimum of three entrants to make that category eligible for a small token prize.
just a thought.


Reminder, the 28th of November, 2021 is the final day to submit targets.

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