Match Announcement for July 2022

Match Announcement for July 2022

Big round of applause for @JoeFridaySays and @jeffing65 for the behind the scenes work they do. Our rules have been updated by @JoeFridaySays and he also graciously hosts space for targets and the rules. Thanks Brian!

The monthly banners we enjoy are provided by our very own @jeffing65 . Thanks Jeff!

Look for the quarterly YTD’s to be posted sometime soon.

We’ll continue to shoot 5 rounds for score, ammo aint cheap nor all that plentiful.

Iron sights will continue to earn bonus points as outlined in the following schedule:

25yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights will receive a 2-point bonus.
50yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights receive a 4-point bonus.
100yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights will receive an 8-point bonus.
200yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights will receive a 10-point bonus.

The definition of irons may now be found within the rules.

Sharpshooter Series Rules (revised 7/22)

Targets remain the same this month:

Standard Target

X Ring Target


Q: How many rounds do we shoot?
A: Shoot five (5) rounds for score.

Q: Who can participate?
A: All members and their families can participate.

Q: How many targets can I shoot?
A: You can shoot as many as you wish but submit only one target per Division. You are encouraged to submit your first target, but the choice is yours.

Q: Why the first target?
A: In the world of Match Shooting, you get one target, you shoot it and that is your score.

Q: Where do I submit my target?
A: It must be in the proper “Mail in Match” category and topic to be scored. If you’re not sure or need help, just ask for assistance.

Q: What position can I shoot from?
A: All NRA approved shooting positions are allowed. (prone, sitting, kneeling and standing) The HG Divisions must be shot from the standing position.

Q: Can I shoot from a bench?
A: Yes, it the rifle Divisions only. You can not use a sled nor can you support the rifle from the magazine, or any point aft of the magazine with anything other than your body.

Q: Can I use a sling? (rifle divisions only)
A: Yes, you may also use a bipod, sandbags or a log, shooting bag etc.

Q: What distance is the HG D shot at?
A: Seven (7) yards.

Q: What firearm can I use?
A: You can use any firearm you wish, there is a division for everyone. You may not use, for example, a rifle chambered in 223/556 (223 Wylde) in the open (D) divisions.

Q: Who decides the targets?
A: All shooters are welcome to submit a target for consideration.

A note for our handicapped brothers and sisters, some of the limits on supports do not pertain to you, please PM me for any clarification and special instructions.

Good luck and good shooting


Q: Why do we have a HGD division?
A: So @CatFood can brag.


It would make for interesting comparison to his live fire, no?


Yes and practice. I’m trying to get out, but work keeps me to busy :angry:. A few months ago I was able to do live fire, and yes the laser trainer helps a ton!

Now don’t be salty and partake in HGD @TexasEskimo !


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to participate but I was planning on doing some shooting today.

When do you use the x ring target vs the standard target? I’ve been looking for info but I can’t find anything taking about that.


Shooter’s choice. Pick yer poison and take your chances.