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Martini henry loading

To all my fellow reloaders iam a addictive reloader.Sure I’ve loaded a lot of different calibers with different powders but I find joy in bringing back an obselete cartridge to fire from the old days.Ive made and reloaded 9mm nambu out of 38 cal. Cases and I have formed 577/450 out of 24 gage shotgun brass which is challenging. The thrill of firing a 150 year old rifle and bringing it back to life is fantastic.


@Reloader007 Welcome aboard, be sure to join us at https://forum.mcarbo.com/t/any-reloaders-out-there


I don’t know anything about reloading, but this sounds like my interest in old computers. It’s satisfying to watch an old TRS-80 run Eliza.


Model 2, 3, 4, Coco, 100? I haven’t thought about Eliza for decades. Typed it in from an old Creative Computing mag. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Model III:


I remember typing on it in school, in “social studies” class.

I don’t have one…but think it would look cool with a flashing green prompt in the corner of my office.

But I did have one of these. The TI 99/4A. I shouldn’t have let it go.

And it is fun to read about the birth of Fortran.

Also, while we’re at it, Nixie tubes anyone?

Sorry Reloaders. Back to your regular programming.


I wrote a lot of programs for the III and IV, and especially the CoCo because there weren’t any otherwise. I still have a Model 100, including its diskette drive. Had a Sinclair doorstop. Had a TI 99 - bought it at K-Mart for $35 and it had a $50 rebate coupon in it. LOL There’s still a guy that special-makes nixie tubes.

Blast from the past. 8K RAM, 8-line 40 column screen, 300 baud modem. Good times…

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Very appealing. This reminds me of a telex-type terminal with modem I found at a garage sale. That too I let go. Now I can’t remember enough detail to find an image on the internet. I will have to sit quietly…