M*CARBO Brotherhood

Marlin model 60

Firstly, my thanks to m carbo for allowing me in here. that said the marlin model 60 has always been my favorite rimfire rifle of all time. had many of them over the years made in north haven ct and for the most part with very few exceptions, they’ve always been great. id get to needing money and sold them, only to get another. ive never been without one. then marlin sold out to remington and things began going south literally. i bought one made in mayfield ky and it was a jammer which i quickly got rid of. then about a year ago i got another new one made in huntsville alabama. its a much better reliable shooter with the only con being the plastic trigger group. as i always do after shooting, i take apart and clean. upon reassembly the back of the plastic trigger group cracked when i attempted to tighten the rear screw, and i didnt think i was applying too much pressure. and the several different kinds of screws used doesnt help matters much. so my suggestions is this company start making ALL steel trigger groups and flathead screws for this model