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Marlin Model 60 issue

I have a Marlin model 60, 1971 manufacture. I was having failure to feed issues so I replaced the old 2 piece feed block with the late style one Piece block, new style extractor bar and new style ejector spring. Now the end of the spring that rests on the feed block is contacting the bolt face, not allowing the bolt to travel rearward. .Do I need a late style bolt? What are the differences between the early and late style bolts. It looks like I could bend the spring to gain clearance but then I don’t know if the spring would work. Any help would be welcomed.


My understanding is the bolt was machined differently in later models because the feed block was modified. This makes it more difficult to replace parts because there’s no guarantee they’re interchangeable even for guns made the same year, and parts aren’t exactly widespread anyway.


This is the fcg for my Marlin 60. It doesn’t have the ejector spring but relies on the spot on the feed block at the arrow to eject, just like the magazine on the Ruger 10/22.

The main reason the bolt is milled differently is the “new style” feed throat has the left side milled at an angle instead of flat, and no longer has the notch that serves as the ejector, hence the need for the ejector spring.


There are several places parts are still available:


I’ll leave you to Goggle-fu more. :wink:

Yes, bend the spring so that it rides cleanly through the slot in the upper right of the bolt (looking at the bolt face) where the old ejector use to ride inside of. Try to bend the spring so that it doesn’t ride on any of the three sides of the slot. The spring replaces the shoulder that served as the ejector that was on the old feed ramp. I did the same upgrade to my m99 and she hasn’t had a single issue in over 400 rounds. At first I tried the “nichol trick” and it din’t work. Good luck!