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Marlin Model 60 feed jamming

I have a Marlin Model 60 22LR that will not feed properly. When I pull back the lever and release, the shell feeds partially, but for some reason won’t enter the chamber.


Welcome to the brotherhood, Melvin. One of the most common problems with older Model 60’s is the feed throat wears out. Here’s a good source for parts:



I forgot to mention there are at least three versions of the feed throat depending on the year of manufacture and they’re not interchangeable. You can look up the year by Googling it - the serial number of the gun tells it. There are YouTube videos for how to install it.


Awesome. Thank you.

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most certainly, most here will be better able to advise you than me, but when i had similar problems, which was only a couple times, it turned out to be a mangled recoil spring. while this may or may not help with your model 60 problem, it’s worth checking out and always have a spare recoil spring and firing pin handy

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I modified a 60 feed throat for my 99m1 and it fixed the same issue you are facing. You can get the new style feed throat at gunpartscorp.com for $30.00. They’re getting hard to find so, if you need one you should grab it. I found it there about 10 minutes ago.

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