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Marlin 60 spring kit in Glenfield 60

I have been working on an older Glenfield 60, put Marlin trigger kit in. Everything looked like the video until tried to release the bolt. It hangs up about an inch from closing. Looked at video several times, looked at diagrams many more youtube videos. Now I’m here. Has anyone had similar problems? Is it a non-compatible kit for this rifle?


Welcome to the Brotherhood, Gary. There were several versions of the Model 60 FCG so it’s possible it’s incompatible but I’m shooting in the dark here. You can tell exactly what version you have based on the serial number. I don’t have the web page handy, you can use Google to find it.

If I had to make a guess, I’d say the lifter spring isn’t situated correctly. This has to sit in the notch on top of the feed throat because it acts as the ejector. If it’s not seated right the bolt will hang up on it as it goes forward. Be aware older versions of the feed throat are different so the notch may not look the same as in the video.


Good evening, being disabled some days slower than others. Looked up serial number, 1978 glenfield. I had tried putting original lifter spring back in. It appeared it was slightly shorter. Both did same thing hanging up. Got the rifle from neighbor that’s father had passed so unsure of history. I did fire it without issue, then put in hyper spring from you and had a couple of jams. So ordered kit to go back with original recoil spring. Trigger went in great, it’s waiting for me to finish the rest. This feed throat looks to be the same as in video. I will keep trying. Thanks for any help. Army vet 82-93, artillery guidance and avionics.