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Marlin 60 picatinny scope rail addition

Just purchased a Marlin 60 and watched a video from 2019 that shows an available picatinny rail from M CARBO that slips right on the top of the receiver but I’m not finding it at their site.

Anyone familiar with this part?

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I have not seen an MCARBO offering.

I’ve had good success with these:

If you are placing an order, check out their metal trigger guards as well. The trigger guards really complement MCARBO’s action enhancing offerings.


Check out this video…maybe this rail didn’t work out and was discontinued?


Dunno. But I do know 3/8" and 11mm dovetails are notorious in their inconsistency. The video shows MCARBO marking the fitment break at 2008 while DIP marks it at 2005. DIP further disclaims responsibility for fitment issues on Remington built Marlins.

I should add that it is entirely possible that I’ve used the MCARBO part on some of my rimfire Marlins. I’ve been mixing parts from this pair of suppliers for some time. I think I’m curious enough to check a few when I get home.


I may have to just take to my buddy’s gun shop and see what we can do with it. Pretty much everything I’ll be shooting at will be 100 yds or less. I grew up never using scopes on anything and bagged my fair share of varmints, squirrels, rabbits and game birds. If it’s a big deal and I have to alter my M 60 too much I’ll just go without.
Thanks for your time and advice



The DIP stuff works a treat. And, rimfire scope rings are another alternative:

The biggest trick is determining ideal ring height without buying and trying one of each. You can read plenty of fitment experiences in the Marlin Semi Auto Board at rimfirecentral.com. Rimfirecentral definitely has a Ruger slant but you can find the Marlin section is full of helpful content.


The DIP products are pretty darn good, very hard to get at times, but nice stuff. I have a solid one piece DIP on my Marlin 883SS. Really turned out nice.



Hey thanks,

I really appreciate the time you took to guide me. Was runnin around all day and just now opening my mail. I’ll check out rimfirecentral and see what i can fins out.

Take care and thanks again,




I hope this is a good email address to send links to interesting happenings that are related to what the M*CARBO brotherhood believes in. This is the son of a very good friend that disarmed the rioters in Seattle.

If not I apologize.


Larry Roach


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Larry … hope everything worked out for you.

yep, everything went as planned

I have a friend whose looking for a ar pistol. Looks like most are from $600 and up no matter what brand. Hard to find deals lately on stuff like that. Was hoping to talk to somebody that owns one and has sent a lot of rounds thru it
Any suggestions?

Plenty of AR guys 'round. Stoner Picture Thread; What’s Next, Current Projects and plenty more hideouts where they can be found.

I’m not big on’m with one range trip on mine so far.

Me either, especially when he said he’s like one to keep in his vehicle. My opinion, why have a big bulky firearm in 223 or 7.62 with a 20 round mag when you could have a 19 round 9mm 1911?