Market Place Inputs


But, yeah, it’s probably best to not have anything to do with firearms here on this site. This confusion right here proves that. LOL


Done many deals on many gun trading Post never had a deal go south. It’s up to both parties involved to make sure your both on the same page and both legal to make the transaction. That being said, I completely see why Mcarbo would not allow the transfer of firearms on the forum. I’m with @Kona. A trading Post could exist. Slings, gun cases, war memorabilia, patches, or whatever I think is a good idea. Hell even mags and optics I think would be acceptable


Sorry - lost a fight with my phone so the quote is incomplete.

But, then, how can they take so long to get me my approvals? Seriously. I always get approvals, but some of mine take days to clear - even 2 weeks after a string of immediate proceeds. I’ve had the application for a UPIN downloaded for more than a year.

FWIW, my FFL believe’s it’s related to a Top Secret Clearance I had when I lived and worked in WDC in a former life. But neither of us can explain the fluctuation between immediate proceeds and 5-7 day approvals.

At any rate, I don’t even want to pay for multiple phone calls. And, I’m counting on my President to continue trimming that fat sitting 'round surfing snowflake forums on MY dime.

Anyway, no dog in this fight. I don’t have anything to sell. I just don’t like missing opportunities to buy stuff I want substantially below market value.

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I’m former military and had TS/SCI clearances, as well. That’s never affected me on any firearm purchase. I’ve never even had a “conditional” response. All of my prior experiences with NCIS background checks (phone-in) were same day results. Of course, with a CCW permit, I don’t even have to bother with the background check anymore. Your situation/delay is unique and can’t be applied with a broad brush to every other instance.


Uh, yeah I did. This incorrect info from your misinformed FFL quoted below is directly from your post. Note that ONLY TO A REPAIR CENTER part… That FFL to FFL part is also not correct. The owner/sender does not have to be an FFL. It just has to go to one. Now, if you intend to ship a handgun via USPS, you’d better be an FFL holder, though. Not required for Fedex or UPS. But, say, for me to ship one of my handguns to some FFL dude via Fedex or UPS for night sights and some custom trigger work? No FFL required for me.

"He did say for a non FFL person to ship a firearm it can only be to a repair center. Otherwise it has to be shipped FFL to FFL. "


But, whatever… I’m done arguing this point. Chris can do what he wants and I’ll back his decision either way.


I guess as all things here let’s not make this a big deal as they say kiss keep, it, simple ,stupid


Seems to me the purpose of an MCARBO Forum in the first place would be to homegrow interest in MCARBO gun parts for sale by giving a platform for customers (and future customers) to discuss these parts and their refinements in detail. We also provide, through our conversations, good data for more products to develop and sell. By joining MCARBO forum particularly, we are also supporting a company whose vision we share, like its stance, direction and promote it through a sort of Brotherhood of shared interest and passion for our guns and what we know MCARBO refinements will do for them. I think people who participate here enjoy being part of the seeing edge of a bright star company, suggesting new products which may come to fruition some day; field testing and reporting on pre-production parts. I’ve enjoyed reading it and watching it unfold. Can’t wait to hear about new products and videos.

You can buy a gun anytime, anywhere from anybody on this website. Get a phone number. But to be useful, whatever we do here, it all circles back to MCARBO parts, future stuff we get to help develop or at least have a ringside seat for it all to come👍


No firearms. No loaded ammunition. End of discussion.

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My vote is yes more reason to enjoy this site


I wouldn’t see why a trading post would not thrive here…if it’s murky territory for you then don’t participate. If it seems fishy say no thanks and move on. This is a particularly niche website to be on in the first place that scammers and hackers would invade. Our job is to create a brotherhood where we have some trust and mutual respect for one another. We could also set some ground rules: buy/sell at your own risk, account must be active and a month old to begin trading, etc. I vote in favor.


Just a heads up, there is a poll at the top of the thread. It’s just been buried by the dialogue guys.


Very true, that’s why I deleted all my post that didn’t involve the vote. we have had 57 visits to this topic and only 12 votes. Not a good %.


Just to let everyone know the market place has been put on the shelf for awhile. It will be looked at another day.


Chris sent a message about the marketplace.


Ok. It’s probably more trouble than it’s worth. Let’s leave the market place idea on the shelf for now.