Market Place Inputs


I need to get a vote from the members here!

  1. Who wants a Market Place Area?

2 What will be on the Market Place?

your response will determine if this happens.


Obviously no firearms or ammo. But we could trade fishing gear, hats, patches, stickers, parts, etc.


trade, sell or buy? that is one of the questions that will need to be answered.

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Trade. This isn’t eBay and we don’t want pay disputes. Should be gear for gear.


extra gear that needs a new home. If someone has gear that they want to give away to a less fortunate member that is always a possibility

  • Trading post yes please!
  • Trading post nooooo

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K … so …

I must disagree twice with @Kona. It is not obvious to me that a trading section would be a gun free zone. In fact, I thought the question @KM55 presented to Chris was about firearm trading. And, I think the forum sticking noses into acceptable forms of payment - cash v. barter - is a slippery slope.

I’m a simple guy from Texas. If I find somebody here selling something and I strike up a deal - seems to me that the deal is between me and the seller I found. Likewise, if I have something to sell and find a buyer here, that deal is between me and the buyer.

Forums where I have participated have landed all over the map regarding facilitating commerce. Providing a marketplace is, IMO, good for the industry - best that cool stuff find homes where it can be appreciated. But, providing a marketplace simultaneously exposes us to abuses which will happen. Somebody is gonna list a tacticool buffer tube cover, somebody is gonna squawk, moderators are gonna get cleanup duties for this and many more things I’ve never before seen or imagined, etc.

I suppose I figure that Chris is paying the bills with our old money. He added this forum on his commercial site for our convenience, but if he decides to be the only “seller” then more power and respect. I’ve done deals on many forums with good and disappointing results. I’d love to have the opportunity to cherry pick your collections - “daddy needs a Belgian .308 BLR Magazine under $100.” But, honestly, I’m not gonna think differently of this forum based on a marketplace option.


I wasn’t going to say anything before, but that’s pretty much my take on it, too. As for selling/trading firearms, it’s all on them to make sure the proper FFL transaction, if applicable, is done.

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@Dred i said no firearms or ammo because there’s no way MCARBO is going to facilitate that type of commerce by providing a forum to do it. Too much risk on their part should something happen for example a prohibited person obtaining a firearm and the sale being traced back to here. It’s just easier for MCARBO to say no trading post at all. I can’t speak for others but I’d never sell a firearm to someone online anyway.

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Plenty of firearm forums do it just fine. And, the actual sale wouldn’t have occurred here. Two people can communicate here and set up anything they want externally right now, especially via PM. The sale would have occurred between the two people externally from this site on their own terms and conditions. No money, goods, etc would flow via this site.

The only way I’d ever sell a firearm to someone on-line is if they agreed to have me ship it to a legit FFL to do a transfer, even if one isn’t required.

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Probably the safest most legit transaction. But then what happens if the buyer fails the background, etc. For me personally the whole idea gives me the heeby jeebies.


Good point. I wonder if an FFL can run the drill on someone with all the info, but the firearm not actually physically present. If so, that would make things very easy since you could find out if the buyer is legit before shipping it. Again, I’d only do it if the buyer agrees to it and covers the transfer fee up front.

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@Wedge as far as I know, the FFL is required to log every transaction and also report failed background checks to the ATF. I don’t think the FFL can run one just to see. Example; The FFL runs a background and the client fails. FFL has duty to report fail to ATF. ATF investigates and client jumps up and down saying they never tried to buy a gun. ATF finds out FFL ran background just to check. Muddies the whole process.

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So, why wouldn’t the FFL just do that anyway? Dude fails, he gets flagged to the BATFE just the same. He has to sign the 4473 just the same, too. It would be no different than trying to buy a firearm straight from that FFL. He could always still claim he never tried to do that either if he failed the NCIS background check.

He passes? Then the firearm gets shipped to the FFL and all the FFL has to do after verifying it’s the correct one is hand it over after I already have my money in hand from the buyer.

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When I suggested a trading post it was with the intention of trading gear, patches, stickers, etc. I’m not speaking for the collective but me personally I don’t have any interest in trading and selling firearms online. That’s all I’ll say anymore about it.

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I don’t see a major issue with payment for items purchased on this forum but I guess it would have to be through a third party like Paypal, but Trading items is always fun and makes the forum feel more like a community. That being said, you can also have issues with trading when one side does not send their end. There would have to be strong rules and consequences for breaking them. It’s a community thing to do when you have “extras” of something in need and are in the position to help others. As in anything in life, all these things can be abused unfortunately.

For example: “hey I shipped Johnny part X and he was supposed to ship part Y and I never heard from him again” Trust me, I have been on forums for many years and you never know how shady people are until you involve money or goods. I actually prefer sale to trade sometimes because at least with Paypal you have some recourse. “I paid Johnny and never got my items, glad I have Paypal (or other 3rd party) on my side”


Just jumping in again.

Firstly, I like folks to be conservative when spending my money. Running a N I C S check IS spending MY money. Y’all don’t think NICS is staffed by volunteers - it’s not. One NICS per transaction is plenty nuff. I did not say I trust the system but till it’s fixed or replaced, it’s what we got. FWIW, regulations at CMP took me out of the hunt for a military 1911 specifically because laws forced a 2 check system which I won’t support.

I buy and sell any time we get together as buyer and seller. Life is a gun show - no loopholes. I demand all transactions I deal with be completed legally.

All said, I can only identify 2 forums I frequent that 1. allow trading, and are 2. directly affiliated with a firearm vendor. There are 3 I visit which are directly affiliated. And, yes M*Carbo is the third.

Sometimes it’s hard being a Texan on a National forum. I don’t bother much with them “but what if” type worries. Too bad we can’t just offer up benefits of doubts all 'round. I will anyway.

Maybe it’s luck, but I’ve never gotten the call that a buyer I approved of failed to succesfully complete a bgc.


That is absolutely not correct. FFLs don’t know everything. In fact, some are worse than that because they think they do and pass on this type of BS. You can ship directly to any FFL holder. For example, it’s quite common form people to ship firearms to individuals who are FFL holders for custom work. Note the first sentence below from the authority. “Licensee” means FFL holder.

"May a nonlicensee ship a firearm by common or contract carrier?
A nonlicensee may ship a firearm by a common or contract carrier to a resident of his or her or her own State or to a licensee in any State. A common or contract carrier must be used to ship a handgun. In addition, Federal law requires that the carrier be notified that the shipment contains a firearm or ammunition, prohibits common or contract carriers from requiring or causing any label to be placed on any package indicating that it contains a firearm and requires obtaining written acknowledgement of receipt.

[18 U.S.C. 922(a)(2)(A), 922(a)(5), 922(e) and (f); 27 CFR 478.30 and 478.31]"

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Those fed.goobermint employees are sitting there 8-10 hours a day getting paid no matter how much or little they work. How about making them actually WORK for the money they’re getting anyway? :+1:


And, from another source, which is probably the largest on-line market for firearms. Believe me, they wouldn’t screw this up.

“Any person who is legally allowed to own a firearm is legally allowed to ship it to an FFL holder for any legal purpose (including sale or resale).”

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