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March Mail in Madness

So here we go again. For this month we have targets submitted by @phuzzy42 , @JoeFridaySays and @jeffing65 .

Same deal as always with iron sights in rifle divisions. For our new members, 25 & 50yd rifle and iron/buckhorn/peep or red dot will get ya 2 points at the 25 & 50yd lines and a cool 5 points at 100yds.

No changes to divisions. No changes to the rules. A printable, complete set can be found here:

Sharpshooter Rules and Guidelines Rev 10-2020

For March the 100yd divisions will shoot this: Beer Bottle

Our 50yd divisions get this: Beer Bottles one round per bottle please.

The 25yd divisions: Birch trees stay between the lines.
EDIT: A hit on any tree will be scored a miss.
And our handgunners will shoot: Covid

Okay everybody, Good luck and Good shooting!


Right on. The weather is starting to break and I am ready. Need to see how the winter modifications work out.
Might be begging for ammo pretty soon, but we will cross that line when we get there. On the other hand, we do have a “tactical” sling shot with a tactical light even. The one bad thing to being competitive in nature and living in town is, you can only shoot wrist rockets and air powered, while hanging out in the back yard. But it gives you a chance to meet like minded people at the range. So it’s a trade off I guess.

Thanks for posting the rules for us new guys.

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You can shoot airguns in the contest. Division EA is 25 yard air rifle. Division D is open caliber 50 yards and D1 is open caliber 100 yards. I think that’s a bit optimistic, but who knows? LOL There’s no Division for air handguns. I’d think it could be combined with HG1 10 yard rimfire, but that would be a judge’s call. If there’s enough demand for it, a new Division could be created.


Yeah, I read that. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s really cool, especially for people with young kids and grandkids. I’m not even saying it’s not fun to break those things out when knocking back a few and grilling burgers in the back yard. If you have never seen a woman draw back on something, you wouldn’t understand. Plus it helps them build triceps and get rid of the turkey arms.
But I kind of have a teaching process and until you can shoot a sling shot and understand what a marble or ball bearing can do, you can’t graduate to a fire arm. After all first you need to learn what a ballbearing can do before you go loading a black powder. So I tend to use them as such and for teaching purpose. We don’t have any grandchildren and so they just kind of sit around.



I mean gun laws? Really?
How about we start teaching our kids respect?
Isn’t that the real problem with… Everything?
Could you not boil every issue in the world pretty much down to respect? Taking away guns is like a sticker that says don’t stick your fingers in these turning gears. What kind of person is doing that? I mean if you really need to be told that as an adult, someone failed to educate you properly.
What better way to teach respect for a weapon then to start them young? I think everyone agrees on the concept of teach them young. I mean raise your hand if you were taught gun safety in grade school. We had many conservation officers and police officers giving speeches all the time. We had an hour a day for a week in introduction to guns and safety in the 3rd or 5th grade. (I can’t remember which grade it was now)
You know who doesn’t like guns? People who can’t shoot guns. And that shit you can take to the bank.
You know who doesn’t like bowling? Those that can’t bowl.
Funny how that works.

Can the air rifle be a airsoft gun? I have a sniper rifle sitting here and can pop it off in the backyard no problems! I’ll be trying to get out for this month’s competetion as I have some ammo now.


Cant imagine why not Mike, @CatFood . It is “air” powered. I would use my airsoft CO2 pistol if we make that a division.

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I would like to point out that “Open Divisions” are for center fire rifles. If a division exists, then that firearm/air/spring/pump pneumatic will be allowed to shoot in it’s division only.

We’ve been down this road before and with only one interested party no new division was developed. Not saying it can’t be re-visited in the future. If I get enough interest it will be looked into.

Yes. Any air/spring/pneumatic rifle is allowed in EA.

I would really like to see five people willing to participate before a new division is created.


A point of clarification on the 25yd target. Any hit to a tree will be scored a miss. This clarification will also be added as an edit to the original post.


This target is largely a ‘chance’ thing. At any distance the trees are invisible and it’s just a white sheet of paper. Shoot for the center and hope for the best! :laughing:


Sounds like fun, cant wait to shoot the next round !


The 25yd target has been revised, same link

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I just had to have the the COVID target. Thanks.


Hope you’ll be joining us this month.