March Madness Match 2022

March Madness Match 2022

Greetings and welcome shooters! For this month you, the shooter can select any open-source downloadable print to standard letter sized paper target. This includes targets from previous months as well. Bear in mind, any special rules in place for that target will still apply. If you can download and print, it’s allowed. As always, our standard targets are available as well.

We’ll continue to shoot five (5) rounds for score. You’re encouraged to submit your first target.

Iron sights continue to earn bonus points. Iron sights are any fixed or adjustable two-piece sighting systems such as peep, buckhorn or ghost ring utilizing a front and rear sight
The iron sight bonus for all rifle divisions. For our new members…
25yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights will receive a 2-point bonus.
50yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights receive a 4-point bonus.
100yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights will receive an 8-point bonus.

Standard rules are here: Sharpshooter Rules & Guidelines Rev 5-2021.pdf - Google Drive

Reminder. Five rounds shot for score per division. Shoot as many divisions as you wish.

Our standard target is here: Standard Target Sharpshooter Series

And the X ring is here: X Ring Target Sharpshooter Series

Don’t forget to get the wife/husband/kids/grandkids involved in our sport.

Good luck and good shooting.

EDIT: You must provide a link for any internet sourced target for all to have the opportunity to shoot it as well.

2nd EDIT: By request, we have brought back an old target. Optional target
Next time you see @JoeFridaySays, tell him thank you.


A question, goes without saying, I guess.
Are shotguns in a class of their own, being not rifles and no optics.
Not asking for a friend… :roll_eyes:


Using slugs, it would have to be considered an open (rifle) division firearm. I’ve seen many a shotgun fitted with an optic. But to your question, no. There are no shotgun divisions.


OK, thanks.
I recently purchased the Kel-Tec KS7 and wanted to try it out using 1.5" slugs.
Read it would cycle them fine, so I thought why not give it a try at some targets.
Reason for asking,


Do the EO Division. Good luck and good shooting!


OK, perfect, I’ll shot for that 25 yards. CF Open Division.


How about some 00 Buck also ? Bears & People !


Am very familiar with buckshot of several sizes.
But I need to check this shotgun out first. Slugs to start.
Then I’ll purchase several add-ons, one of which will be the adjustable choke which is hard to find right now.
If the firearm performs well with chokes (shooting for 3" grouping at 25 yards) then I will be very satisfied with the performance.
And by shooting at the monthly targets, hopefully get to enter some as well.


Hey Festus, can you start a HG2 thread.


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Done and dusted 20 characters

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