M*CARBO Brotherhood

MARCH Division A-1 Targets

Here’s my submission for March. I wasn’t having an outstanding day, but I think I did OK.


Looks pretty good to me. :smiley:

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125 yards, not a slightest breeze in the air… but for some reason all my shots went a couple of inches right. On my last target I finally corrected my aim, and it worked.
I think I was canting my rifle, will have to watch for it next time.


Good shooting there, brother. I don’t often have a breeze to blame my misses on. Some days I’m just relaxed and settled in, others I have to work for every point I make. And the ammo shortage doesn’t help.


40 for March. This was a fun target! Sometime last year I watched 22 Plinkster spin the cap off of a bottle. And I tried to recreate that and failed - target scored a 30 so this practice target is a good demonstration of wind effect. Gust hit as trigger broke - result is obvious. Today 2 of 4 target backers were blown onto their sides.