March 2022 HG-1


Here’s my March HG 1.
48 points
Ruger MK III .22 lr
Tac Vector red dot
Offhand, 12 yards


@HandyDave, that Wrangler is a nice shooter, you too of course. :joy:
I see one of those in my near future.


Thank you sir. I had a chance to get my ruger wrangler for heritage prices. A buddy who was liquidating before his divorce. He had never shot it. And im very pleased with it. Its very accurate and just damn fun to plink with. Ive started carrying it when im treking around the woods and rivers for snake clearing and such. Its alot quieter shooting a moccasin at 3am on a river bank with the wrangler then my snub 357. There talking about coming out with a 22mag cylinder for the wrangler like the heritage pistols have. And like the old ruger single six had. Im keeping my ears and eyes out for it.

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