March 2022 Division A1

I kind of hate this distance.

Your aim is good, you trigger press is good, the shot feels good - but the bullet goes to some weird spot.

Anyway, 130 yards, bench, 48.

I believe I have one 11 and two 10s. Please adjust the score if you think 8’o clock ten is actually nine.


It looks like it just broke the 10 ring, good shooting!


Here’s my March A1 target.
46 points
Ruger 10-22 .22LR
Scope Nikon Pro staff rimfire
Sitting at a bench, front bag.
Ammo Seller & Bellot club.

I know what you mean about the weird place shots. my first 3 were good and then the 9 and then 7. I tried to be as consistent as possible. Maybe I choked


One of the 10s can be 11
And 7 is definitely 8.

So it’s 47 or 48

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