Manufacturer recall notices and safety bulletins

I understand this is not directly on topic. I am posting this here because some may find this info justifies some care and caution.

I can think of two unique vendors that traded on gunbroker and are currently having customers visited by AFT. These vendors claim they have not given up customer details.

You can guess I’m suspecting somehow customer details passed from GB to AFT.

Saves me bunches of money 'cause GB is the fastest source to find the oddball crap I like.


And …

Here is one I’ll have to check against my stash. I’ve definitely been grabbing NORMA lately 'cause it has been available at fair prices.


Yep, just got this notice as well. I purchased 250 rounds (5 x 50 round boxes) of the stuff about 11 months ago, already shot one box through the Mini-G (without issue). All box SKU/Lot numbers were from the same run and on the recall list. I submitted a claim last night.


My Norma Tac .308 is 150 gn. I don’t think they even offer it anymore. Regardless, if it’s 150 and not 147 I’m not part of this recall. Yay.


I’ve got some of that as well. I’ve had no issues with any of it to date. In fact, I can say that about all of the RUAG/Geco/Norma ammo I’ve shot. Seems to be well made ammo to boot. Was kind of surprised to hear about the recall.


Agreed :100: %. All my Norma stuff has been top notch. In fact, it’s my go to when sighting in optics due to it’s reliability and consistency.


NORMA has identified possible inconsistencies with neck tension in a small number of cartridges within the ammunition SKU and corresponding Lots identified above that may allow the projectile to become loose including during transport

FWIW as a sidenote. I had this happen to one of my 30/06 reloads once. It was one (1) out of hundreds, and I never actually knew what caused it but this seems likely. I still have it.
It happened during transport in a hard plastic 50 rnd box and became loose enough to easily pull the bullet out of the case with your fingers.