Man's Best Friend: The Official 1911 Thread

As a young cop, I tried just about every kind of carry I could think of, and like most folks have a couple of drawers full of holsters. I finally concluded that OSW strong side carry was best for me. I try to stay with the same rig for everything, including IDPA. When I was still working I even used my duty rig for some matches just so I could maintain my proficiency. I taught at POST certified academies for 40 years plus and as an adjunct instructor for the Sig Academy and did transitional pistol training for S&W. All of my students were cops and I always emphasized consistency in the way they carried off duty or in plain cloths and that they be diligent in their training. I still carry a full sized pistol everyday with a reload and a flashlight. (I’m old school so I carry a pen and a notebook too) . I managed to survive 4 on duty OIS’ and one off duty. I always adjusted some portion of my training after each one and tried to pass on that training and experience to my students. The one thing I never had to adjust was getting my side arm into the fight and my gun handling. Consistency in training and practice had made those things rote. Member the old adage, “Train like you fight, because you’ll fight like you train”.


Well … maybe you’ll show off your facility next time I’m up in your piece of TX. I expect to be that way for my club’s Lifer Party 'round Labor Day.

I shoot some fancy ranges 'round Houston (Texas Gun Club & Athena) but seems y’all mighta out fancied ours.


@Dred I would look very much forward to meeting you and heading to the range! My treat. However, unless you go through the training program that I completed you will not be able to participate in the holster proficiency session. We can use any of the 36 pistol bays, or one of four 100-yard rifle bays only (indoors and air-conditioned!).
As an example, Nigel (@AV8R) was in town a few months ago for flight Sim training. He is VERY proficient and has a TON of experience and expertise. I asked my instructor if he could join me. The answer was a quick “No”. Unless you enroll in their strict training program, they have no idea if you are proficient or just another “Cowboy” that likes to blast. It is a combination of training AND trust. We are running around with loaded blasters, so I get their stance 100%.

It’s in my profile, but here is a direct link to my “Guntry Club”… Frisco Gun Club


Agreed. I’ll be crossdraw so wouldn’t think so anyway. Athena was $50 to attempt qualification for strongside only. I know guys that paid it several times b4 earning qualification. Texas Gun Club was free 'cause I was a member when I qualified - still strongside only.

I will most likely have the pretty one with me. Maybe double for dinner and pew pew?