Man's Best Friend: The Official 1911 Thread


I’m fairly certain Dave can turn the thread back when he’s ready. I call the project he’s currently work’n for me a collaboration. I understand it is a manifestation of his talents more than anything I could claim as mine, but … If Tuason gets credited for the TCM … I can call this’n a collaboration.

It will secure a 1911 to my hip, so, we’ll fall back into 1911s.



Uff, for some reason this round still tickles me. Tried like hell to snag one of those single stack RIA 1911’s chambered in it but the vendor was kicking the sale thinking the gun was not approved in MD. After many weeks of trying to convince them multiple times, even sending a screen grab of the damn MDSP handgun roster showing it listed, they still couldn’t manage to sell me the gun. I gave up. :unamused:


I eventually had to go to work…even if it was just for one hour…:sunglasses:

Ummmm it’s probably peaked out and needs to be consumed…what was it doing out in the HOT dangerous world? :wine_glass:
Magnum? :person_shrugging:

Wine bottle sizes…for those interested: :face_with_monocle:

5 750 mL bottles in one gallon of wine
12 750 mL bottles in 2.5 gallons of wine


So … it’s a Jeroboam. Very empty. I’m rarely impressed by the fresh wines that are not meant to age.

I used to manage a very upscale grocery store and the new Beaujolais Nouveau was an annual event where I sold most of my inventory by invitation. Folks worked very hard to get themselves into the in-click that got excited about a limited release wine the peons didn’t get to buy.


I was very close to coming home with my first 1911 today. Cabela’s had a bunch. I have other priorities at the moment but that 1911 itch will need to be scratched sooner than later……


The rash won’t subside until you give it a good application of Doc Browning’s Special Salve… :grinning:


I scratched that special itch the day I retired the first time & made it a present to myself. That was my excuse for buying a good one. I’ll never regret buying my 1911 .45 ACP. The memories & it’s a wonderful me.


@MrMachinist Obviously you have your priorities misplaced. If I may offer some advice I was given years ago? Sell your soul to satan. It makes decisions so much easier without all that baggage.


I think he’s just funding other firearm projects at the moment…and apparently the child welfare department frowns upon not feeding your kids in lieu of gun and ammo purchases… :grinning:


You are correct sir. Kids lately have cost me a fortune. I’m out of town for the second weekend in a row with the state soccer tournament for my older boy. Good news is the play in the finals today. Bad news is if they with we go to regionals in Dallas next month….

I did get a bcg to finish one ar ordered. Just need a couple other things for the other ar. I’d like to finish those projects soon.

I fell for a kimber LW shadow ghost at Cabela’s. Relatively inexpensive but I liked the weight and feel in my hand. Didn’t care for the commander size or the bobtail grips. I also thought about getting a rock island and tricking it out with custom work…… i can save some money ordering the gun through a friend of mine so I’ll do that sooner than later hopefully.

Here is my picture to keep it on topic.


For the price the rock island 1911’s are good shooters. And since there 1911’s upgrade parts are plentiful. But just depends on how much you would spend on upgrades if it would be cheaper to just buy a higher end 1911 to start with. Every rock island ive had was good shooters and worked great so might be able get by with some polishing and spring kit and be good to go.


That they are!
I’ve had one for several years, reliable out of the box.

It would be interesting to drop one of these in it:


Add the $300 to the price of a Rock Island 1911 & see what that will buy you first. My theory is buy what you want the first time so you won’t buy what you really want the second time. I speak from several purchases I’ve made over the years. Maybe save for a few more months/years but it will actually save you money in the long run.


Nothing wrong with that policy, however as I already own the RIA I don’t see any problem upgrading it a little bit.
Probably why these trigger packs are selling well.


Opinions are like bung holes…but for a first 1911 in .45 auto, I still maintain you’d be hard pressed to beat the S&W E-series, assuming you can find one. I paid 8 Bennies for mine and it’s neck in neck with my CZ 97’s for smoothest, softest shooting .45 autos I’ve had the opportunity to shoot.

That said, still looking for a single stack RIA 1911 in 22TCM (seems most out there are 9R’s). I look at it this way, if I miss at close range the fireball should get them, and if that fails, I’ve got an all metal gun to beat them with… :grinning:


That said…Doh!

I was still giddy from a rare range visit this afternoon…where I finally shot the Bul Armory commander in 9mm for the first time. If you aren’t set on .45 auto, of even if you are, the Bul is good value. I paid just about the same as for the Smitty and the “Hebrew 2” is a laser (“Hebrew 1” was a .45 auto from Magnum Research - made by Bul and an excellent gun). Just shy of 100 down the pipe and I think she’s a keeper…the mags that came with it, not so much, but the Wilson Combat stepped in to save the day. The factory mags did run but they kind of suck to load…suspect they might be E-Landers


I never bad mouth firearm upgrades, I’ve done quite a few myself. Just a consideration before a person buys & already knows they’re going to do upgrades to it.


It’s like an AR. Buy a basic rifle and upgrade as you can afford to.
That way you can enjoy the gun while putting cash aside to upgrade it.
A 1911 is no different.


Y’all have a way of making me wonder …

I can field strip a 1911 in the dark. I still pull up a video to keep me company if I detail strip.

I’ve swapped out scales on all of mine. I’ve swapped firing pin stops, springs and thumb safeties.

But … none of my Rocks really needed updates. With few exceptions, I measure them to be outstanding firearms.

@chilipepper … the 22TCM offers very little excuse for missing. Zero recoil and stupid flat trajectory (v. 45 or 9). Beside the boom freezes everyone but the shooter - so follow up shots are extra easy.


Any experience with the 22TCM9R vs the 22TCM? Been trying to sidestep the 9R, feel like I caught wind of some bad juju with that one…