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Man Cave and 15 characters

That can be extensive, or just sitting in the back of your truck.
How many have a place? It could be a “Lady Cave”.

I built a small place off the porch that is like an outdoor man cave. It don’t look like much as I am not a carpenter, but it is my favorite place in the World. The interest never fades as the yard is always changing.

I hope to find time for the porch most days. I watch my birds and play music.
I am there now as I type this. I especially like days with storms, extreme heat, cold, etc.
I always have good binoculars and a decent camera at hand.

Seating area is small at about 10’X6’. I spare no expense to make it a fun place.
It has a small freezer that keeps beer at 30 degrees. It has 2 Adirondack chairs, a computer, fans, fire, etc.

Over the years with trial and error have assembled an excellent audio system. Good audio is not easy to achieve.
Speakers right now are these mounted to the ceiling:

Many different speakers have played here, these are very good (keep in mind my space is small). Speakers out here must be ceiling mountable due to rain, space, etc. That is a huge limitation for me. Outdoor type speakers are OK, but can’t do the job, so I don’t limit myself to those.

To help them out a large 12" 1600 watt “quality” Subwoofer is behind my chair. For most speakers, a sub is essential. This one is excellent and has been durable. I use science to dial it in as nothing sounds worse than a poorly sub set up sub. Most subs are not quick enough to do music well.

The speakers are pulled with a SunFire amp because I am a fan of Bob Carver. This one can send 600 “real” music watts to each speaker, so overkill. Amps are not equal and some don’t do music well. Bob Carver is the “MAN”! I own many of his creations.

My preamp/DAC is made by Benchmark. It is neutral sounding and just excellent with these speakers or my headphones. As I only play digital tunes here, an excellent DAC is essential.

My music player is a small silent computer I assembled with audio playback in mind. It don’t even have a fan. Stored in it are most every tune I ever heard and liked. I collect tunes, but I don’t collect crap tunes. I have more than you. It can also play utube videos or TV or WTF. I have a high end monitor nailed to the deck rail. I can watch football on the porch.

All that sounds kinda silly, but like I said above, always looking for a way to upgrade my porch seat.

Do you have a “CAVE”?


My porch seat (CatBird Chair) is poor for photography as the I am facing the Sun. I still have fun.

My view is excellent. Over the years have put in a few garden pond type things and of course made some nice bird feeding stations. Many critters show up to hang out with me.

It is up a story, so I sit up high at tree level.
Straight ahead is beautiful Lake Hartwell and from my chair can see Georgia.
This area is the most beautiful place in the World.
It is also the best place to live in the World as the folks are the “best”.


I do have a more traditional Man Cave below with a slate pool table, bar, etc.
The bar is stocked with top shelf even though I don’t drink liquor. I do collect it. I also make wine there and have many jars ageing.

I have an excellent treadmill with over 2000 miles, a BowFlex, speed bag and heavy bag.

I am not an audiophile (I am an audio nut), but the system there tops most who claim to be one. The amps are Bob Carver. Just the needle on the record player was $500.

Here are the speakers at an audio show:


@YardCrap I love your space and thank you for the tour!


That’s a way cool place :v::v:


I aspire to have a mancave one day. seems like all my life i was either Gone or getting ready to go, then when i had time, girlchild came along and all my efforts were on that, when even i move in the next year year and aa half, max 2 im going to do that. space just for me…


Not much of a man cave but where I clean my guns, do minor jobs, and drink beer.

Just a place to sit and listen to the waves, bouys, and drink beer.

Honestly I must be the most boring guy around. :thinking:


@Johnksg My dear Mr Cuddles
Sitting around and listening to the waves and bouys does not make a boring person. It is just the old sailor in you yearning to go to sea. Remember the old saying “Underway is the only way” :+1:
:anchor: :pirate_flag:


@Johnksg Look’s Outstanding to Me !:+1: And then comes the Favorite Call of the day! Liberty Call ! Liberty Call ! All Off Duty Personnel Muster on the Hanger Deck :rofl:


@YardCrap Very Nice Man Cave!:+1: Well done!


were all going down to yours for the weekend :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: @YardCrap