M*CARBO Brotherhood

Mail in Matchs, any interest?

Any interest in a forum wide mail in match?

I’m thinking, once a month.

No more than four divisions rifle, two divisions handgun.

Young (under 50) small bore. 50 yards. .22lr only. Iron sights only

Senior small bore. 50 yards. .22lr only. Unlimited sights (scope ok)

Young (under 50) hi power. 100 yards. .223/5.56 Iron sights only

Senior hi power. 100 yards. .223/5.56 Unlimited sights (scope ok)

Young (under 50) handgun. 25 yards. unlimited caliber/sights.

Senior handgun. 15 yards. unlimited caliber/sights.

This would have to be honor system, be nice if an RSO could validate date/distance. Targets would be due by the 20th of each month and scoring posted by the 25th. We’ll have to decide on what targets would be acceptable to the group. (I have some “pintable’s” that may work.) FWTW, my club does not allow silhouettes. Only bragging rights ladies and gents, no prizes. I would volunteer for the first year, and it should pass along to someone else every January. Providing there’s interest.

Could be fun, or it could be a total flop.


I like your thinking, brother. On question…do you think it needs to be mail in? Assuming anyone participating has a cell phone, could do it via photos of shot targets, photos of firearms used and even a range shot for submittal. Just thinking out loud. Maybe we could get a mod to make a category for the posts. :thinking:


Input! :+1: I was thinking PM to keep from flooding the site, but it’ll depend on what the mods are willing to do. Or put up with. :mask:


Let’s dress up a big and bloody FB group for it!
I would get on FB for that. If the mods here do not.


I would not. :neutral_face:

Why does this not surprise me. No matter, a target is a target.


I think it’s an brilliant idea, I’m in.


I was thinking the same thing, iron sights and optics, 9 mm & 40 mm. Any ammunition but need to list what ammunition and the firing position and if benched or similar.
Where is the best fit, here or SUB-2000? Below is a very simple target that can be printed on letter size paper, B & W. Not sure of what ranges would work best, perhaps 25 and 50 yards, 5 shots at each target, submit 1 target out of 5?


As of now nothing is set. Add PCC division(s)? {young/senior}

As more contribute we can get a feel of what/where/how the brotherhood wants to go. No more than 50 rounds, best target of 10? Best of 5? International Small Bore, we shot 10 targets in each position, 1 round per target.


If people can figure it out a timestamp would be appropriate


like this for instance found an app called timestamp camera


I hate the honor system. Somebody always wants to trample it for selfish pride and other flimsy reasons. I’d still participate if y’all get something ironed out.


Festus…I’m thinking your right, lets do that for sure, let the forum decide.
And perhaps why this challenge never was considered before, or maybe it was. I mean really, a fun shoot, who would really drop so low as to fabricate or cheat…
Unbelievable!!! But your probably right, where are the ethics, morals, honesty etcetera… gone?


A printable target would be great. I’m mostly limited to 25 yards around here or I’d love to shoot my Golden Boy .22.


Maybe run a multiple choice poll to find out what ranges interested parties can shoot at (and prefer to shoot) as well as why type of guns they can shoot at those facilities. Otherwise we might limit someone’s ability to participate?


I’m also limited to 25


I had thought about something like that also. I love the idea. :+1:
Never competition shooting myself other than trap, I didn’t have an idea as to what it could or should be. As @chilipepper said, it needs to be something everyone can do with the resources, limitations etc, available to them. (ranges, local laws, calibers, max shooting distance, etc) For instance, there isn’t a range here. If I were participating for example, I would be shooting on a range I set up, and not have obvious/verifiable yardage markers that an actual range club has…

This was what I saw as the biggest issue/obstacle of the entire thing.
With a pure honor system it is impossible to prevent a bad seed from dishonest conduct, disrespecting the unquestionable honor and integrity of everyone else, and denying the rightful of their win through honest sportsmanship.

I am willing to help finding solutions to these questions if we can.


Nothing is getting me on FB either…

Should use the official international targets, since they are most widely avail, and ive never seen a range that doesnt allow them. And limit to best 10 shots so you dont have the mess below…:nerd_face:

Yes please, i too have only 25yd range available, but may drive to another once in a while just for the sake of stretching out my .22 for competition.


I think the 25yd limitation (for quite a few I’m guessing) will require a division at that range, to be fair, and more accessible to everyone…


Im not talking about being socially active on facebook, playing games or looking looking for russian hookers, I am talking about posting target results with a side benefit of stirring up Whimpy.


I’m not a phone person at all, but someone here knows this I’m sure.
Don’t most new/modern phones and tablets have the built in function of creating then directly uploading/sharing video to Youtube, fb, twitter or ???