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Magpul M-LOK Rail Cover

The Magpul M-lok rail cover looks nice and guessing it’s made of rubber, may give one a better grip, but are also blocking air flow to the barrel! Depending on how much one shoots it could be a problem !:fire::fire::exploding_head:

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Thought the same. I plan on skateboard taping mine with cutouts around the MLOK.


@Kona does anyone make an aluminum heat shield that would work with a standard G2 fore end? I know there is a lot of space and airflow but when your burning through 33 & 50 round magazines in competition things tend to get warm.

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@Johnksg no idea. I don’t need anything fancy anyway. Grip tape will do it.

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@Kona well thanks anyways. I have one more night shoot and the season ends until next year. So far I have ordered all the MCARBO internals, springs, trigger, feedramp etc, as well as some parts from “another company” to remove front and rear sights. Looking to upgrade S2K for PCC “load-out division” for next year.

I like the shape of the G2 fore end, would just like some more shielding.


@Johnksg wear a glove on your support hand.


See Tatts Cats

Sorry, @Kona I just could not resist! (All the love and no disrespect brother!)


@Johnksg I’m an army rat and LEO. I’m immune to ridicule haha. Skin thicker than a Rhino.


@Kona well they do say that, “admitting you were Army is the first step to recovery!” :grin:

I did not know you were an LEO…stay safe my friend!


@Johnksg 12 years State Police and thank you. It’s a pretty scary world we’re living in right now.


@Kona I get it…brother and his wife are both sheriff deputies, my son in law is taking exams for PD.

Last summer we had an incident with a “traveller” and I called it in then stayed to support the responding officer with my sidearm until back-up could arrive.

I do not like the disconnect between the LEOs and citizens these days. When I talk to my brother it is almost like a “siege mentality, us against them, mindset.” Cell phones and cameras, LEOs afraid of losing a career over a single mistake…

Our LEOs deserve our respect and support!

I do NOT like what I am seeing and hearing these days.


Which is pretty much why I’m a hermit with few friends and little interaction with the public.


@Kona I know when you watch the news these days it can feel that way…just know that a lot of us Americans value and appreciate our LEOs!

A couple of years back we lost a good family friend, a young state officer who was gunned down by a crazy lady on a traffic stop…

I still put flowers on his grave every time I go to Eugene.

Our officers are there to serve us, the public, but I feverently believe that we as citizens have the duty to support them as well!


@Johnksg thank you for your kind words. When you hear them so little they take on more meaning.


@Kona I think there are more folks who appreciate you than you may realize!

I support and appreciate you as a vet, as a moderator, and as one of our LEOs!

(Give a like to kona if you agree!)


I retired on Jan 15, 2008 after 31 yrs in LE, just as Obama was taking office for his first term. We were still popular then. Not so much any more, thanks in no small part to his 8 yr reign. When I started we didn’t even have cellphones. Now you can’t make a move without not only being recorded but winding up immediately on the internet and nightly news. Loved my job up to the day I retired. Tried my best and had lots of success, it was just time for someone else to take their turn.


When I talk to family LEOs and friends that is the #1 complaint and fear. Most have dropped social media…they don’t want an errant tweet or vacation photo tanking their career.

But pictures can lie, not tell the whole truth, what the officer saw or perceived at the moment the “shit hit the fan”.

Same goes for classroom teachers.