M*CARBO Brotherhood

Magazine Mod. from 2010

Going through some work of my mentor and I did back in 2010 we bring you our magazine mod. This will not solve all mag. problems but if you have bullets jamming in the mag or nose diving it is worth a try.

Picture 1 This picture shows the rough cut on the follower legs. About one half was remover.

Picture 2 This picture shows the leveling of the legs.

Picture 3 Before and after on the follower legs.

Picture 4 Radius being applied to the top back of the follower. This is done to allow clearance for the front of the follower to rock up.

Picture 5 Before and after on the rear of the follower.

Picture 6 Magazine spring receiving an upward bend to add pressure to the front of the mag follower.

Picture 7 Before and after showing the bend of the mag spring.

Picture 8 Be sure not cut the follower lags too short where they will clear the mag body. The front legs of the follower will need to be beveled so during loading they do not catch on the mag release cut-outs. A small bevel is all that is needed. R S