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Mag problem for my sub 2000

My sub 2000 takes baretta mags but when I put the mag in I noticed that it wiggles around anyone else having this problem?

How many mags have you tried? How worn in is the mag? The mag may be out of spec…

Have you had any jams/stoppages? I have the G19 version and my mags wiggle around a little, too. Hasn’t been an issue. I haven’t had one single malfunction with my SUB2000.

Not yet, but I put less than 50 rounds through her. Waiting for my upgrade kit to come in before I really take her out for a dance. Thank you for your feedback brother.

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Only have the one that came with the sub, it’s brand new. I have put less than 50 rounds through her. Just seems odd that the mag doesn’t fit snug. It might be that this model is a multi mag variant. So it has to be big enough to accept all the different mags. Thank you for you input brother.

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It is multimag but so is mine and mine is quite snug, you should try a mec gar mag, they ones that mec gar makes for all of the companies are the same as far as dimensions, just the cut for the catch is different, I’m gonna make myself a tool and buy some mag catches and try out different mags, especially the canik tp9 mag, you can get me gar 20 round mags for tp9 for $20 all day and the quality is very good😁

That’s the mag I picked up and “wiggle tested” when I made that post. Stock mag, G19 version.