Mag extensions on Sub 2K Gen2, GLK19 Vr

All Things SUB-2000!

New to forum and Sub 2K, I’m absolutely hooked!

Anyone have any issues using Mag extensions on Sub 2K Gen2, (Glock 19 Version)? I ordered a pair +5 off eBay. (Magazine Extension Base Pad With Spring Kit For Glock 19/23 32/17/22/34/35

I’ve done extensions on my Glock 42 with no issues. Im looking not only for round expansion , but a pinky rest too. I also ordered a RWB 33 round mag just to test its operation before a buy more.

Any comments appreciated



I have two G-17 Subs, a Gen 1 and a CQB. They’ve worked with every type of msg. That includes the Korean 33 round and drum mags. Did have to rebuild one of the drums but it wasn’t gun related. Have used several extended mags up to 24 rounders. The Subs just like to shoot.