M60PG Custom Build


Hey folks…hope these pictures upload this is my model 60 perimeter gun…



Varmints beware - it appears you mean business.

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Yeah I’ll take a few side shots of this gun…pretty cool gun many many custom parts finishes platings…

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Yes sir Dred I do… like I say “they can run but they just die tired”


Love it. My frenchie want’s me to build her one like it 'cause I won’t let her shed on mine.

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I built this from a Marlin 60 .22.


I like that handgrip on the buttstock… whole stock made with it, or did you inlet it in?

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Hey Goblin, no thats the factory grey laminated stock. Very stable format. I did recontour the front of the forend, and free floated the barrel. Then I sanded the stock got it where I wanted it, then sprayed it with Duplicolor bed armor. When that cured I brought it to my buddy who owns a refinishing shop, and had him spray it with Cerakote sniper grey. I wanted the Cerakote heat cured, so he did that in stages so not to disturb the bed armor. The finish is TOUGH!!!
The grip is an aftermarket ad on, shaped to my specs. It also has an epoxy sand finish on the grip that I made and applied. Gun is VERY custom. Watch out 10/22’s…Thanks, glad you like it.