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M14 Rifle Trigger Assembly

Does anyone know where you can get a ajustable trigger for this rifle mine is loaded model would like a lighter trigger for this rifle.

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www.shootingsight.com adjustable NM-RPS trigger for M-14,M-1A , M-1

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Or just polish it yourself and get a 4.5lb trigger. :grin:

You don’t replace an M1A trigger you hone/stone it or take it to a gunsmith. Seen match triggers under 3lb and was simply a reworked factory OEM.


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I enjoyed this article from the Dyspeptic Gunsmith so much I archived it. :grin::+1:

Next upgrade would be to get the trigger improved. The M1A, like the Garand, has a factory trigger that can be vastly improved from the GI 9-lb two-stage pull. If you want to compete in DCM or Leg matches, you’ll need a minimum 4.5 lb. pull, which you can easily achieve with the stock two-stage trigger group. Unlike the M16/AR15, the trigger group components in the M1A/M14 are usually of higher quality and amenable to being worked on by a gunsmith.

For people who aren’t concerned with official competitions, you can go lighter on the trigger; I’d recommend that you not go below, oh, 3.5 lbs. If your ‘smith hones the parts with a very fine stone (like a ruby stone), you can make the M1A/Garand triggers feel like you’re pulling a polished glass rod across silk lingerie. You can make the stock, as-issued trigger that smooth, unlike stock AR-15 triggers — which actually are nothing but case-hardened cow patties, complete pieces of crap.

The only people who think AR-15 stock triggers are “nice” are people who haven’t had their fingers on triggers that are actually good. They simply need to get some trigger time on better rifles. Springfield 1903/A3, Garand and M14/M1A triggers all can be made very, very nice with minimal work by a gunsmith. The M-16/AR-15 . . . now you’re just talking wholesale replacement of the hammer, trigger and disconnector. The M-16/AR-15 was made to please the lowest bidder, not a rifleman.

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Whos a good gun Smith that works on m14 rifle .

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The M1A is kinda like the 1911, just about any gun smith should be able to work on them and do what you want. I would look locally and ask their experience.

Question is what are you looking for? A match grade trigger to Camp Perry standards? A feather light hair trigger for bench rest? Or just a better combat trigger around the 5-7 lb mark?

Bench rest light trigger all my rifles are 2 to 2.5 for precision shooting one shot one hole.

@Maddog1 thats pretty light, especially for a two stage trigger. My advice would be to take it down to about 3.5-4.5lbs, try it, see if you like it and go from there.

You can always make a trigger pull lighter…pretty hard to make it heavier.

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Thanks for the advice .

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