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M1 Garand synthetic stock?

I have two Garands - one is a “new” one from CMP - a “Special Rack Grade” that they’re selling for $650: new Criterion barrel, new stock (stained but not completely finished), decent hard case, free shipping. The receiver has pitting, but they put a finish on it, so you can’t really tell. Also had a brand new repro sling and one clip. Bought some new manufacture CMP ammo (Garand spec) to go with, and got empty clips/cardboard/bandoliers from an online seller.

My other one I got back in '85, and it has a civilian manufacture receiver (FedOrd) and the rest is surplus parts. I did get a Criterion barrel a while back, partly because the headspace had never been done right between the military barrel and the civilian receiver. Not my first choice, but at the time I wanted to shoot Garand matches, and this was all I could afford.

I could stand to replace the wood on that one. There used to be some synthetic stocks around, but I can’t find a current one. I know - some people think this is terrible and heresy. But I wouldn’t use this in CMP matches; I have a bad shoulder and would like to take some weight off; I’d like to play with Cerekote on the rifle.

I’ve looked on other forums, but it seems asking this question results in flames and not actual information. MCARBO folks have always been polite, so I’m asking here.

Thanks in advance.
P.S. - CMP is still selling these rifles. I talked to the armorer today, and they say they’ll keep building them until the Progressives tell them to stop…


www.fulton-armory.com/m1-garand-stocks.aspx & you may want to look at Boyds gun stocks web site. I’d also give e-bay a search, you’d be surprised what you can find there. Personally it’s your firearm & you can paint the Mona Lisa on your stock because it’s YOURS ! good Luck in your quest


Hey thanks. I went to Fulton Armory, and see that they have a “plastic” stock listed. I called them up and they said it really wasn’t made to stand up to firing - they made it more for ROTC drill applications. He also didn’t know of anyone making any such thing.

I’d checked Boyd’s before, and just went and looked again. They have a basic walnut replacement and that’s it.

I’m guessing no one makes synthetic anymore because there’s no demand. Maybe I can find a used B&C or McMillan or ? online.

Thanks for the tip.


I had a thought earlier, did you ever check out Stocky Stocks on line ?

I hadn’t heard of them, so a good resource going forward. They sure have a lot of product.

Same story, though. Only walnut stocks. Again, I’m thinking no one’s doing this anymore.

Here are some odd things on the web, just for fun: (The Losok is $4000 total custom; the chassis stock is $850)