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M1 Carbines at Midway USA

I just got an email from Midway that Monday they start selling the stash of M1 Carbines they bought from Italy. It appears they have all contractors and have not been aresenaled. If you are looking for an early configuration carbine, they have them.

Military Surplus Guns - MidwayUSA


My wife and I both have one. They’re definitely fun shooters. Cost a lot less back when we picked them up.


I was interested but I don’t want one that bad to spend that kind of money on one. I would be fine with a functional beater gun but not at $1150+


I have an Underwood but would love a Winchester. I’ll find a nice “bring back” one day.


Um, yea. To me they are a couple hundred dollar rifle, not a couple thousand dollar rifle. Makes me wonder what they think a Garand is worth.


They haven’t been a couple hundred dollar rifle in quite a few years. My dad bought one once and it was shipped to the house by the usps total cost was under $50. That was back in the 70’s.


Thats like the sks and nagants and mausers and list goes on. I remember going to the gun shows when i was alot younger and there would be just metal barrels full of mosin nagant and mausers and such. Pick one you liked and 50 to 75 dollars it was yours. I used to get sks rifles for 100 to 200 dollars now them suckers goin for 6 to 700 dollars. A mosin in good original shape and not completely blown out now days are goin for 4 to 500. First mauser i bought i gave 125 dollars for it the last one i had i sold for 450. Times have damn sure changed.


I got a email from midway, letting me know I live in kommiefornia and there are to many laws and the m1 doesn’t have them :sob::sob::cry::cry:. So im SOL.




Good luck California. This is going to be a good fight I think. I definitely have my fingers crossed for you .

Everyone else , if it clears the appeal you better get your AR15 before it does. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


“U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez of San Diego”… isn’t this guy like Jekyll and Hyde? Or to be more consise… flops better than Lebron James?


Well, it isn’t anything special. Benitez issued a stay on his own order, 30 day stay. So all existing laws are still in place. All it did is prevent CA from issuing an emergency stay. After 7 days CA can file their own stay, which they said they already will. Benitez did exactly like he did in the LCM (he did give us a week though) and ammo (1 day) orders. And guess what that got us? Absolutely nothing. LCM case has been going on around 20 years, and the aw case 30+ years. SCOTUS will not take the aw case as it is way to hot of a item. If SCOTUS does take this case who knows how long it will take to get a ruling.

I’m sour about it, very sour. And really tired of all these gun YouTube’s and news saying we won. We didn’t win anything. We will win when this law is struck down 100% until then everything is exactly as it was before. No windows, no new freedom weeks.

About the best vid I can find regarding why he stayed his own order.

Why armed scholar didn’t say this in his first vid is beyond me. Also sorry if I came off as a d bag.

Back on topic:

I hope who every can get them will enjoy them! What a heck of a piece of history!

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I have a couple of surplus carbines, but I have trouble bringing myself to shoot them. They are history to be preserved. To shoot I have new carbines. One Auto Ordinance and a 1945 Inland. Both new manufacture. Current MSRP on them is around the $1150 mark, but I paid less than $900 when I bought them a few years ago. When stocks are back up, I would expect the normal discount from MSRP if you really want a shooter, or competition gun.