M&P Shield Safety

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And who is the common denominator for these topics usually going south? I forgot because I muted them a few days ago. Proverbs 10:8

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You forgot that you started this convo first??? Why don’t you talk to those experts?

Gosh, some people are upset when they don’t get the echo answers back…
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Oh… they must be trying to prove my point again. Who could it be?

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how do you hide replies?

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@cico7 Well Don, glad you asked. It’s as easy as 2, 1, 3. I’ll use you as an example.

  1. Click on their avatar…

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It forces you to choose a timeframe… unfortunately “For Eternity” is not a choice.

Kona asked me how to do this a bit ago as well. Strange thing is that I no longer hear from him or see his posts. Not sure why still. Oh well.

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Here Here, I’m 68 years young and disable, if someone is threatening to take what little time I have left, or if they attempt to harm my old A$$, I will be going to court to explain why I had to do what needed doing.

About modifying your hand gun, I changed the amount of pull that it takes to pull the trigger, and that is not an illegal modification. My Gen 1 Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 40 caliber had a 7 LB trigger pull from the factory, and I bought a kit from these guys, and I followed their video directions to the T. My safety is now much easier, and smooth as silk to click On & Off safety, and my trigger pull is now a 3 1/2 LB trigger pull, and I love it bc. I have arthritis in my hands and fingers, and since I done the trigger kit, my trigger is now easy to pull, and I’m a much shot now, than I was before changing my trigger pull.

The MCARBO trigger kit was very easy to do if you follow their on line video instructions, If you have a stiff trigger, the MCARBO trigger kit is well worth the money, I do not regret it bc, I have a much better Gen 1 M&P Shield 40 Caliber now, than it was before the trigger kit.

With the sanding and polishing that should be done when modifying the trigger & safety on the M&P Gen 1, it took me about 3 1/2 hours to complete the job, but the safety, and trigger pull is as smooth as silk, and it’s night and day difference target shooting!!!

I hope that I never have to use my weapon to protect myself, or my wife, but I won’t hesitate if I feel it’s me, or them, just like I did in Vietnam 1970-71… In life, and death circumstances, it’s kill, or be killed, and I love living!!!


I have no fear of protecting myself or modifications to protect myself.
@pawpower58 Henry you have to do what you must do to protect yourself and family.
A 7lb trigger pull may not be possible some people so the modifications are a must, like a vehicle.
In order to operate a vehicle safely, some mods have to be done to accommodate the drivers needs.


Nice, and agree .

Have done a few kits from here also .


When I bought my Shield Plus, the ones with a safety were on sale while the ones without were not. After I got it home I noticed how stiff the safety was. It is just as hard to activate as it is to deactivate. This worked for me because I don’t have to worry about it activating inadvertently. .


Neal, I have exactly the same issue with my M&P Shield Plus. Fire position
(the important one!) is well positioned for immediate selection on draw, and
very easy to activate with a simple downward flick of the thumb. ‘Safetying’ any
of my pistols is usually a careful two-handed operation anyway–especially with a
striker fired one (or the Ruger MkII!)–, so the stiffer return to ‘Safe’ is not an issue
for me.


Thanks cico7, all these folks talking about how hard they’re safety is to move on their M&P or M&P Shield, all they have to do is watch the M*CARBO Brotherhood video on changing the spring kit on those M&P’s, and watch what they do with the striker safety pin, with the sanding and buffing. They can do it themselves, and never have that stiffness with their safety movement again.

Since I’ve done it with mine and wife M&P shield 40, we can click the on and off selection on both of them with the edge of our thumb by holding the weapon in one hand like we were getting ready to fire.

They would be shocked at the difference the sanding and buffing makes with how smooth clicking their safety on and off will be!!!

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