M&P .45 1.0 Apex vs M-Carbo kit... or both

I want to do a trigger upgrade on my M&P .45 1.0 but am torn between the APEX Flat Face Forward set trigger and the M-Carbo upgrade. What are the benefits of each? can I do both? will they work together well?

I would like a smooth 3.5-4lb trigger with a good tactile reset as a result. The trigger pull weight is due to taking classes at Frontsight, were they require a 4lb trigger pull for student’s weapons.

Any and all advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance!


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Are you sure you are reading their requirements correctly? It’s often the opposite. As in no modified triggers or non-standard modifications. Seems very odd for a training camp to ask students to modify the factory trigger on any pistol. I have a bone factory M&P 2.0 9mm and it does not have a 4 lb trigger. More like 6-7. Very few pistols come with a 4 lb trigger out of the box.

Maybe your training is more advanced and this isn’t an intro/basic self defense pistol course?

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I have a M&P 45 compact and I only replaced the sear with one from APEX and it made a huge difference in the trigger pull. I haven’t weighed it lately but I think it’s in the 3-4 pound range.