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M*Carbo Target Trigger /spring kit & "Spring String" install

I just installed the MCarbo Target trigger and spring kit and did a little sear polishing, and fine tuning at the same time. The MCarbo Target trigger, spring kit combination makes the trigger feel and respond like a performance shop upgrade. I did a final adjustment to the M*Carbo Target trigger’s sear set screw, and added a little synthetic grease with Teflon, which makes the action is a lot smother.

A little heads up to make the M*Carbo Target trigger and spring kit install a lot easier:
When taking the frame apart the and the frame halves are separated slightly, take a piece of heavy polyester thread, stiff string, or preferably heavy fishing line; and run down along the action bar through the spring and out the bottom of the frame and wrap around behind the frame half and tie the two ends of the string together snugly. This will retain the spring and keep it from flying away.

Then when reassembling; tie the action bar spring back in the same manner and put the frame halves back together. Cut the string at the frame’s lower mating edges and pull it up and out towards the top of the action bar.

This is a very simple and necessary step to insure that spring does not get wings. I know from experience, because on reassembly, before I could get the frame halves together my spring developed wings!

My wife and I spent over an hour looking for the spring and I finally put the frame back together, because I was working on our table in our motorhome (We live in a motorhome) and she wanted to make supper. After supper, I continued the search and finally found the spring on the other side of the motorhome, on the counter top, behind the kitchen sink; Praise The Lord!

It was after I lost the spring, that The Lord gave me the idea of the “Spring String”! I tried it and it works! I guess The Lord was giving me another lesson in patience.

Have fun and I hope the little “Spring String” idea helps make your install a lot more pleasant, than mine.


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Thanks for the tip.


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