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M Carbo spring upgrade issue

Upgrade spring assembly for S&W SD9 VE. Ran good for 40 rounds then had issue with firing pin apparently not making full contact with the primer. Small indentation on primer. Thought it was the ammo. Reloaded gun with the same bullets and they fired after the reload. Is firing pin new spring to weak???

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Is the striker channel dry? Clean? Oil wetness there creates drag.

PS: I have used M Carbo kits on two pistols and I didn’t have any issues. One is a SA Hellcat and the other is a Sig P365XL. I know that this might have no relevance to your case.


Even Chris will tell you, change 1 thing, and it may affect something else. No 2 firearms are 100% alike, I am with SoNic, break it down and clean the pin channel and blow it out dry… lube is a no-no. Whats the mileage (rounds) on it? striker springs are cheap… just replace when you check the pin and channel… Good Luck, you will find the solution.

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Yup. After we got back from the range disassembled and cleaned pin channel. Wasn’t bad and no oil build up. Will try again Thursday and see how it shoots. Thanks

Thanks. Cleaned and will try again.

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Another thought: I had an issue with the stock springs and some low cost ammo (STV Golden Bee).
Since then I use only reputable manufacturers, even if costs a bit more.