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M*CARBO SKS Trigger Spring Install; Did you do the Sear?

Yes, No, I can’t remember?

Anyway, the M*CARBO spring set works as advertised; no question about it. If you’re like me you may have already been into the trigger group to install an extended mag release and maybe you’ve done some inletting for mags. The spring set won’t bring your trigger up to Timney like performance (come on people…there’s a reason Timneys cost that much), but hey, it’s a milsurp, and that’s life with these weapons. It will however help you close up those groups if you’re trying to get some accuracy downrange.

A while back IraqVeteran8888 posted a video on Youtube about how to correct some of the problems of trigger creep on the SKS. It involves polishing the sear contact surface that usually looks like someone used a wood rasp to make it. The take-up won’t be fixed unless you do some fancy fabrication inside the trigger group, and in his video he didn’t address the trigger pull by changing the mag release spring. M*CARBO figured that one out and has the replacement springs.

The video is at https:// youtu.be/cryTMAqLuxM – close up the URL address.

Here’s a summary…watch the video first…You’re on your own, and your mileage may vary.

  1. When you have the front pin out of the trigger group, remove the mag release and old spring. Pull back on the hammer with your thumb and then tap the entire trigger group on the bench…The sear should move forward so you can pull it out. The sear rides in the upper tracks of the front trigger group fork.


  1. Work on the sear contact surface up to 600 grit then polish with Semichrome with a Dremel or whatever if you want. Just like every trigger, mirror smooth rocks.

  2. Now, watch the video at this part…you’re going to grind back the front sear contact area (a little bit!) while maintaining the angle. Don’t get it hot and anneal the steel. If you take too much off, well, you can guess what you’re going to need to buy on ebay.

That’s it. Put the sear in after cleaning and put a good low viscosity gun grease on it, put your M*CARBO spring in, drive the pin in, and there ya have it.

Eric shows you how to test the trigger on the bench before you finalize things. For me, I couldn’t get the feel for the trigger on the bench, but it may work for you. (You have to look through the trigger group inspection port while pushing down on the front rod–keep trying; you’ll get it to fire).

(BPS…I had 3 more images of the polish job to show the above but as a new user I can’t post them…)



I did the Spring replacement with a lot more. Works like advertised!



Multiple bedding in stock and gas tube handguard wood and Choate flash hider (absolutely essential for low MOA

). Stock bolt and bolt carrier but Murray firing pin and spring.