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M*CARBO Ruger American Trigger Spring

I’m new to the forum, so please advise if we can post videos, and how to do it.
I recently installed the M*CARBO Ruger American Trigger Spring in my Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor and my 308 Win rifles. Both were around 3.5 to 4 pound stock triggers. Now i’m getting 2.1 lbs on both of them. I had the 308 out at the range yesterday and it is really sweet and crisp 2.1 trigger pull. Wish I could post the video of it.


As you can see, I figured out how to post the video. :grinning:


I think I used the “hyperlink” icon and then posted the YouTube hyperlink in the box. Let me try that in this reply:
Oooops, I guess that wasn’t it. Not sure how I embedded it. Will have to use this forum more I guess and remember the commands, etc.

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I figured out how I embedded the YouTube video above:
You click on the “upload” icon above (the rectangle with the little ‘mountain’ scene in it) then click on “From the Web” then paste in your link from your YouTube Video. If you don’t have it on YouTube, I GUESS you can try to upload it. I’ll have to try uploading a short video, which I haven’t done yet.

Ok, here goes with an “upload” of a short video:

Sorry, uploading of a video is NOT allowed. You will have to use a YouTube link.


Just replaced my trigger spring whit one from Mcarbo. Works like a charm and installation was verry easy whit the video.

Keep up the good job.

BTW can you supply a main spring for a ruger mini14 also??

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