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M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)


“Never judge a book by its cover” “Great musicians you’ve never heard of” “underrated, under-appreciated artists”
Hmmmmm… we ought to swing back around to JOANNA CONNOR for a couple more, me thinks.


@ jeffing65

Yup, a Lita Ford she ain’t! But what she does with that Gibson is something else! Bit of a downer learning that she is one of them ‘bernouts’ but I reckon if I only listened to the artists I agreed with politically, I wouldn’t get to hear near as much…


one of the latest southern boogie bands to make their mark



Don’t recollect ever hearing of this guy before today (I don’t get out near as much these days!) but it is impressive

along with this near 30-year-old gem-I can barely remember Warren being this young:

another great classic-with a near-teenage-looking Derek Trucks


How ‘bout some late Friday night sho’ 'nuff blues?


two of my all-time fav bands-The Outlaws and Molly Hatchet!


@SnuffySmiff Gem indeed! And they do look young.

I almost posted Fall of the Peacemakers a couple of weeks ago. :+1:


Up until around age 12 all I’d ever really listened to was bluegrass and hard-core country thanks to my folks. The summer before turning 13 was when I discovered rock n’ roll and it was due to hearing Rod Stewart’s ‘Maggie May’ and ‘Losing You’ that literally turned my little world upside down! My folks were absolutely mortified and began acting like I was on dope! Looking back now it was funny but not at the time! Anyway, there was only one group that Rod Stewart ever fronted that I would or could ever listen to and that was The Faces…


Man, this ‘gettin’ old’ chit is really-and I mean REALLY gettin’ old!!! I just barely twisted the left knee this afternoon whilst walking out to the car and tonight it’s done got all swoll’ up and is now hurtin’ like a mother! Tiger Balm, ice, and pain meds ain’t even touching it!

Oh well, not much I can do about it but perhaps some ABB will help…?






This song was written by Bo Diddley.

and this is a Sam Cooke song.



@GOBLIN Good job on “Guitar Man” .:+1: I thought of it a while back but got side tracked and had forgotten about it.

Eric Clapton is one of those whose talent knows no bounds. IMO anyway.



i happened to bump across a box of my old 8 trac tapes today, some of the titles that were there…
couple more


@GOBLIN LOL Nice. I used to listen to and record on 8 track a lot. (Back in the day as they say)
I have about 100 8 tracks a buddy gave me a while back. . About 1/3 are good titles i’m guessing. I only looked through a few