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M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)


Here is a pic of my truck and me and friends at a Grateful Dead show from 1992. Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Las Vegas, NV. I am wearing the Tye dye shirt. 2nd from right. The 2 friends on each side of me are now passed away.
This show is the 2nd day.


Ha! 1970 was when things just started getting going for me. My first concert ever was Creedence Clearwater Revival at Cobo Hall in Detroit. Was like pulling teeth to get my folks to let me go, I was in 9th grade. Yes was the opening band!


@Boomchucker Oh nice!!:+1: I bet the early Yes was great too.

I was only 5 in 70 so a little early for concerts but I remember my sister playing CCR albums.


More of 1970


Mungo Jerry… Wow-now that brings back some memories! I was 11 and some upstart in Atlanta bought out some UHF station and started up his own indy television network and in the afternoons they ran a music vid show called Now! Explosion on which they played that clip a LOT. You may have heard of the upstart-his name is Ted Turner…?


@jeffing65 LOVED the Mungo Jerry! :grin::+1:

Just think of the uproar if that song was released today! Lol


@SnuffySmiff Back before WTCG etc.
@Johnksg Glad you guy’s liked that one.:+1:
Might cause a stir huh. lol


How long has it been since you’ve thought about Sha Na Na?


@jeffing65 Lol! Oh my that was a long time ago!!




Growing up I loved the Smothers Brothers.




That first one reminds me of the music I grew up on-original bluegrass and the Grand Ole Opry!

Here’s a little something to go along with the second one. The lady with the fiddle in the first batch of pics looks remarkably like my dear departed Granny.


It was begun as a way to keep local high school kids here in the mountains in touch with their ‘roots’. It worked out pretty well until they found out the teacher that started it all was a kiddie diddler… Finally, it was taken over by decent folks and has been scandal-free since…


that must be around 1977 if i remember rightly [bit hard to remember rightly at my age :joy:] aah teenage disco when they had slow dancing and you could get nice and close up to the girl you fancied the good old days @jeffing65 @Johnksg @Boomchucker


I remember going to the local roller rink back then. Friday nights looking forward to ‘couples skate…’ Those were the days???


@lonewolf done the roller rink thing too but wasent till late 80s when roller disco caught on here


Actually it was the disco skate that took off in the later 70’s and ‘mybadd,’ it was the 80’s that I coupled skating to easy rock… You just nudged a cool memory for me… Big smiles.


Professor Stephen Hawking lends his voice synthesizer to this track. It can be heard in “spoken” lines just before the opening verse, again before the guitar solo, and once more toward the end of the song.


This is part of Tommy , the first “Rock Opera.” Tommy is about a young man who is deaf, dumb, and blind, but becomes a pinball champion and gains hordes of adoring fans. It was made into a play and continues to run as an off-Broadway production.

Tommy was made into a movie in 1975 starring Jack Nicholson, Ann Margaret, Tina Turner, and Roger Daltrey (who played Tommy). Elton John made an appearance as The Pinball Wizard and performed this. His version hit UK #7.