M*CARBO Brotherhood

M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)



Good one, Tom!!!



Amen to that! All there songs are good but that one is my favorite. I love Def Leppard too.



Neil Peart could really get in depth in his writing?


Yes indeed! I hear ‘Pour some sugar on me’ now. Big smiles!


Here ya go @GaCop.


@GaCop LOL I’m not a big Def Leppard fan. Here’s some AC/DC for you though.


@Boomchucker Good job on the Floyd post. That’:+1:s my favorite Dogs of War.


@lonewolf Rush is a favorite of mine.
No one has posted these yet I don’t think.


@jeffing65 Mine as well … Believe it or not, my mother treated me by taking me to their Moving Pictures Tour in 1985 at the Spectrum in Phila, PA



@jeffing65 OMG, you are taking me back with these videos. Who can forget parachute pants!..I mean we should forget them, but then again fanny packs are coming back…not me, but that’s what I heard. :grinning:


@dave67 LOL I thought of that song the other day so I had to post it.
Thought I would throw in a little bit of different stuff.


@dave67 I want you to know that in all my years of show drumming, I never wore parachute pants. My stock stage trousers: standard black flat front Dickies work pant with crotch alterations. $17.17 Walmart. Them Dickies are famous buttcrack makers from way back! The seamstress in midtown Reno that took mine in also offers ‘package enhancement’ treatment (added foam padding around the zipper. :laughing:

I did not do that, just took the butt up. I’m not sure I consider AC/DC a hair band.



@Boomchucker I wouldn’t consider AC/DC a hair band either.





Love Nickelback. Brings me back to my Harley days!!! Big smiles.