M*CARBO Brotherhood

M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)


Gary Moore is an incredible guitar player. I had all his early albums on vinyl.

Since the mid 80s stuff he has done some incredible blues stuff.


one of those days. lost another one today, that never really came home. meet ya at the gates brother, “bulldawg” is already waitin there.
gods why do i feel so old…



No one has posted any “Crash Test Dummies” that I can remember. These are from their first album 1991 “The Ghosts That Haunt Me” “Supermans Song”, is a slow song that seems sad and depressing but its really not. Either way, the next two are not so much, so dont let it turn you off…


Royal Crown Revue will new to many of you. I hope they will be something different you guys ( and Gals ) will like.




@GOBLIN The Jamey Johnson In Color is outstanding!!!

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the music posts. I have been wanting to put in some Justin Johnson (those Johnson’s are everywhere LOL). There’s a couple of you that will like the slide I think and the box instruments etc are fun for obvious reasons.
And a question. In the last video. Rooster Blues. What do you think the 2 rectangular chrome pieces on each side of the pickup are from?
I have a guess but don’t know for sure. Curious what anyone else s impression is.


This is a favorite vid. All 25 min. is great.
And more awesome guitars than you can shake a stick at.



@jeffing65 either OLDS or GTO trim…60s.


I listen to SIRIUS satellite radio, the oldies stations from 60s, 70s and 80s.


@GaCop Everyone here has a great taste in music. 80’s have become oldies. Had to smile.


I love the 'hair bands" of the 80s. I especially love AC/DC!



I definitely recall ‘rocking’ to AC/DC and Rush was another favorite of mine!




@GaCop I like some hair bands including AC/DC. Whats your favorite song?



All right 'stocking avenger… ’ JK… I ran out of likes and having trouble keeping up with you, all… I know you love your music!!!


Hands down “Dogs of War”.