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M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)


I’m a big Garcia/Grisman fan. The Garcia and Grisman album “Not For Kids Only” contains a collection of traditional American folk songs from the late 19th and early 20th century.


@GOBLIN me and my dad used to laugh our guts out at Snoopy and the Red Baron - thanks for that! :joy: :+1:


How about a little Bob Seger? (some of my favorite songs for the road)





Here is a little twist for MCARBO Radio…

This album was in the family collection when I was a kid and some years back I found another one on ebay for a buck. Hard to imagine why the Cos did what he did but it can never be denied he was a comedic genius - old school style without any profanity (not a prude fan of dirty jokes too) this still almost splits me in two when I listen to it… 'specially now that I work at a school… :joy: :joy: :joy:

edited to add Chicken Heart might be the reason for his association with Jello?? lol



@TriggerHappy Cosby was brilliant.

one of my favorites.




You can never go wrong with a groovy tune and some pretty girls. :sunglasses::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:


This is the Yardbirds. not sure why it doesn’t load the pic.








I grew up with music from birth, loved to sing and was in choir from first through ninth grade.
In adulthood I have had friends from studio musicians, traveling road band members/singers, to local bar bands and garage bands.

I am just fascinated and awe- ed by the unbelievable talent of some, not only young teen/almost teens, but just plain, little kids.

The O’Keefe Music Foundation is flippin’ awesome. Giving kids with talent the opportunity to record and film in a world class setting with all the engineering and production support.
They make that happen, FOR FREE!
Whether your a musician/singer or just love music, think of this.
How many true genius talents are never found? How many never even know they are one?.
The incalculable affect and change not only for the better, but the BEST, for these kids.
And the incredible performers that result and the better music the world gets.

This is at Reba McEntire’s Starstruck studio. IMHO it is every bit as much a World Class performance and video production that can stand with the best and straight up bulldoze on through crap that is considered great by the general, dough-head “Music Lovers and Critics???” or whatever. Just listen to the soul in the voice of that little girl.
All I can imagine is Aretha Franklin leaping to her feet with pride and admiration after hearing it.

If a person could be instantly charmed and smitten by a little kid, then Kala Scarpinski had me bagged and tagged the very moment I heard that voice… WOW!
And the entire band is A grade.