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this is for all of those out fightin the good fight, those out in the field,far from home.


@GOBLIN Oh yeah, good call Buck! :+1::clap:


@Goblin The finest post on Mcarbo Radio. “The Soldier’s Christmas Poem”

I have not heard this poem in such a long time,
I feel a bit ashamed, that I had somehow forgotten it.
Thank You!!! Buck. for filling in the space, the rest of us (or at least I) did not.
















This song has been done by countless people in so many different ways. My first and favorite is done by Doc Watson and I thought about posting it a while back.
I just came across Hugh Laurie doing this version of St James Infirmary so I decided to post it along with Doc Watson and Arlo Guthrie’s renditions.

Which one do you like best?



Doc Watson hands down piano makes it.


@GOBLIN :grin: I agree 100%. There are several live Doc Watson versions but this on is my favorite.
I’m not a big fan of Hugh Laurie. He’s a bit rude and condescending for my taste. lol