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M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)


You said it brother.:+1::+1: I have seen CS&N 5 times. The first time was right after David Crosby was paroled from prison, and they started touring again.


I got to see them on tour back in the early 70’s


@TriggerHappy My favorite Patsy Cline song.




my favorite Patsy Cline… and Brenda Lee


George is the man @TriggerHappy. He’s been at it for the longest time. One of the all time greats no question




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All time favorite Christmas jam right here





Dusty! I loved Dusty Springfield but this is the one that put her on the map. Herb Alpert trumpet solo at the end.


@Boomchucker Amazing how he perfectly mimics the pitch and tone of her voice.


@Boomchucker I don’t know if your an x-files fan or not but these are two of my favorite songs from the series. Not only that, they each come from two of my favorite episodes, and are episodes where you get to see Scully laugh and smile. She has a beautiful smile, and it’s very rare to see, so I put the ending scene of the 2nd episode in along with another good version, if you like gospel…


one of the most influential female singers of the mid 60s to adolescent boys… days of mini skirts ,hot pants and tall boots… Red ones, Brown ones, black ones, and white ones, like the cover of sugar town…