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M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)




@GOBLIN, ‘Another’ Neal Mc Coy fan… I love it! I hadn’t heard his music in ages… I was working for GM and living in a ‘small’ town back in 1990. NEWBORN, GA. Big smiles!




@lonewolf, I know newborn go there for BBQ after hitting the range at Charles Elliott. I like to camp at CE WMA or Hard Labor Creek state park.


@KM55, Right on! I spent a lot of time in Rutledge. I had a little 3 acre ‘farmette’ and drove 104 miles (round trip) every day to Sandy Springs (GM Building.) I have some fine memories of there. I have been living in the Baltimore, MD area for the past 12 years and dislike it, especially the gun laws! My wife and I are looking to move in the next few years. We have daughters respectively in Oklahoma and Colorado. Our SUV is pointed in that direction!



Here are a few lesser known Northwest bands that I have seen in smaller local venues many times…

This is when his bassist Polly was with them - she could really tear it up!

“Fat” James was indeed very overweight before this video was made, then he got sick and sadly has since passed away. I have seen epic aftermath blues impromptu jam sessions with him and Too Slim - yea I know… Fat James and Too Slim lol Rest in Peace James…

Robert Cray was a little more well known. Dude has some serious pipes!


@GOBLIN I am a new Mean Mary fan! :+1:









Oklahoma would be my choice because of the gun laws. Colorado for the mountains and the abundance of game and natural resources.


@KM55, Trust me, I had a great visit in Oklahoma. It was too expensive in Colorado, but very ‘colorful…’ Besides, Boulder is getting ‘hit’ with some nasty gun laws!