M*CARBO Brotherhood

M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)


@Boomchucker, The Trinity Orchestra is definitely a class act!!! Very talented musicians that ‘hit the mark’ of a classic tune. Thanks for the share.


Posting this in tribute to @Texprep’s thread on Gary Sinise, a really cool guy who does good things for veterans and their families…


@Boomchucker THAT. WAS. PHENOMINAL!!! THANK YOU!! :sunglasses: :+1:


@TriggerHappy dang man excellent find had no idea thanks for sharing


Proud Mary by CCR and By TinaTurner




@Boomchucker just reminded me in another thread that I used to really like Kenny Wayne Shepard…

and Johnny Lang…


I don’t think I have seen any Little Feat Posted up yet… this is really, really good (who remembers Burt Sugarman"s Midnight Special?) :+1: With Emmylou Harris and Bonnie Raitt look lookin so young and fine :heart_eyes: I totally got laid because of this song once lol :grin:





@GOBLIN Buck I hope you feel better soon!

I enjoyed the CCR…here is one for you brother!


@GOBLIN here is another one for ya!


thanks brother, im gettin so used to this, happens so often, i will be back pounding iron on monday.


@GOBLIN I just finished my first “radiation treatment” a few days ago…pukin my guts up in the toilet so I get it!

Stay strong my friend!


@GOBLIN as I struggle with some things it is good to know there are a few “old salts” in the mountains and hills! Keep doing it your way! :grin::+1:


you as well my brother, you as well.all the luck in the world be with you!!!
we cut from the same cloth, you an me been fightin our entire lives, we dont know no different.
and if i got my choice, I will leave this world just like i came in, covered in someone elses blood, and screamin…


@GOBLIN fighting is all us red necked, hillbillies know what to do…well that and a little homebrew on occasion!

And we do it so well!:grin::+1:

Kinda like my old pap settling down behind a Browning machine gun in korea with some extra ammo cans because he was “too cold and to tired of running” from the Chinese commies in korea. Just an old hillbilly with a machine gun and a ridgeline to cover!